Reconnect your family signal with The Range Cutter.

In today’s world, our lives have become so busy that we don’t have time for anyone including our families, let alone ourselves.

The so-called “Family time” and “Me time” that a few years back we would proudly talk about has now become history.

Nowadays even at restaurants where individuals would ideally meet to have a conversation has ended up in them being busy on their smartphones conversing with someone virtually than the person who is physically present in front of them.

Technology has infected us so much that our life has now become a combination of “online-online” than the balanced combination of “offline-online”

@Home which is the retail division of Nilkamal Limited is world famous and known to come up with some innovative and out of box ideas, has launched something revolutionary.

This revolutionary and mind blowing item is their new furniture line “The Range Cutter”

Sounds odd right, but don’t worry it does just what it says. This new furniture line switches off cell phone signals and switches you on back to your wonderful conversation with people around you.

How The Range Cutter” works and #BringsFamiliesCloser  you can watch below.  🙂 

Hahaha, “The Range Cutter”  was a prank by me and @Home.Happy April Fool’s Day. 😛

However, don’t forget to check out @Home’s collection on their website. They sell genuine and authentic products with some really innovative and amazing designs.

You can buy some items from them and reconnect with your family with their awesome collection. 😀

Be the range cutter for your family and enjoy the love and warmth of togetherness.  🙂

Disclaimer:- Website recommended for review; however my opinion and thoughts are true and honest.


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2 thoughts on “Reconnect your family signal with The Range Cutter.

  • Hey Clementia Dsouza !!! You hold me into your articles for almost till dead end then i was laughing it like anything.
    How you managed to possess such humor in humorless technology prone world ?
    You know what ? you reminded me of my school friend she also had fabricated similar kind of pranks in our school time.

  • hey! Clementia Dsouza .. I was sreaching this article only and i have founded that now …..i am really appreciated from your. hopefully on every article there are full of info. that will help me alot…..


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