Hey everyone,
I want to tell you guys about how my not so happening and yet another boring day turned into the most happening #MaxFreshMove Day.
It was one of the awful sweaty summer days when a group of my close friends decided to meet up at a mall to catch up over the latest happenings in our lives and to make up some happening plans to visit a hill station to cool off the heat of the summer and our recently concluded exams.

As we met at the mall and were devouring the “mall food” and continuing with our chitter-chatter, we all felt that there was something that was missing and that we somehow didn’t feel happy of meeting after so long, it was as though like another boring sad day of our life. As we all looked at each other’s blank face, and kept wondering what to say to each other or what to do, to make it a cooler day, my eyes caught something and the next thing I knew they were gleaming with delight.
I whispered in my friend’s ears and as we passed on the chinese whisper, we knew we got the news that was the reason for the gleam in each other’s eyes. Off we were out in a jiffy and running towards that little black door that I had seen everyone enter.
We all tread in quietly but the next thing we knew we were screaming and shouting as it was the great Allu Arjun dancing to the beats of the amazing Anushka Manchanda, and we saw a crowd of people just like us who were going all crazy and nuts grooving to the moves of Allu and Anushka.
The dead wood day that we had thought of had suddenly found a new lease of life. The Viva Girl Anushka enchanted us with her voice and Allu thrilled us with his sensational moves. We being crazy fans of both these celebrities were in high spirits and felt as if we were resurrected from the dead and the music and the dance moves had totally enthralled us in it.

We kept singing and dancing as if there was no tomorrow, we never felt that our feet hurt and that our voice was almost out,  the spirit of the party kept us moving and kept the blood pumping into our veins and made us feel super-duper happy and energetic.
Awww ! What a day we had, one of our most memorable days after all our otherwise boring day had just turned into an energizing #MaxFreshMove Day. 😀

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