Hello everyone,
Today I am excited, really really excited, technology always excites me and anything and everything related to it no matter how small or big it may be.
Living in a world where we use the internet for every small thing; be it from keeping a child’s name, to shopping online, to chatting, to choosing a holiday destination, you name it and it’s there online. 

How do you do all this, if it’s not for a great internet connection? And where do you do this if not for that smartphone in your hand that you may be currently reading this post from now.
I know most of us have 3G internet on our handsets, but we all would still agree that 3G too can sometimes be a pain in the neck. The most sought after complaint is why I am paying so much for 3G when I don’t even get to reap the benefits out from the same, I would rather use 2G and download everything else on WIFI.
Then again the frustration of searching, then probably begging and being embarrassed to use someone else’s WIFI if not yours. Hehehe, I can just imagine my plight if I have to do that. 😛
However, one of the top telecom providers Airtel, decided to be our Genie in the bottle and said Sire, your wish is my command. Though not immediately but with some time and great efforts finally today Genie said it’s done. On this mighty day 06.08.2015, Airtel has launched 4G nationally and to get a glimpse or should I say the goose bumps of how fast, sorry fastest it is you can watch this video. I bet you will be like this is freaking amazing, just like how I was when I watched it. 😀
The best part for me now is that I can download my favourite apps, music songs etc. etc. not 3 times, not even 5 times but 10 times faster than my existing 3G. That’s just like within a blink of an eye, my phone says download complete.
Also Airtel is so kind that they are home delivering the 4G SIM free of cost when requested on their website, so all you got to do is just get your hands on a 4G enabled device and voila game on.
The cherry on the cake is that the 4G speed is at the price of 3G, so don’t you worry child about expensive rates, it’s not going to dig a hole in your pockets too.
I am totally in love with Airtel’s 4G so much so, that I just can’t wait to order a brand new 4G enabled phone and get my Airtel 4G on it and  do the Balley! Balley! while I enjoy the lightening fast speed.
If you too want to do the Balley! Balley! like me, then don’t forget to have a look at their website and do the 4G Naach.