So today I would like to talk about some beauty shopping. I am super-duper excited to share my online beauty shopping experience as this was quite different and dramatic one with a happy ending.

Most of you by now would be aware of the new online beauty shopping website that is currently a making headline for offering some great features and experience.

The name Aplava derives its name from Sanskrit origins. Aplava (pronounced “AAp luv” in original Sanskrit) means taking a bath to purify oneself. It’s an ablution of cleansing oneself. wants to give its customers an experience of divine purity as for them “Beauty is you”
Though being a startup company, they truly have made some much needed changes in the entire online beauty shopping experience. The most loved feature being the personalized beauty section.

Their personalized beauty section requires one to answer some mandatory questions like gender and age followed by questions on your skin type, skincare, skin color, your daily activity, your exposure to sun, hair type etc. etc..

Once you’re done, it recommends you products for your hair care, body care, skin care etc. All this recommendation is done without being biased to any brand but rather being solely concerned to recommend products that would suit you only.

Since they have the best beauty products you will find almost all the best brands both Indian and International available on their website. Every time you shop on the top right hand corner you shall have a choice of seeing all products or recommended for you.

I bought some much needed beauty products for myself from hair care to skin care and a lip gloss. 😀

Generally when one does online shopping and gets their stuff delivered, it’s done. But the real trouble happens when one faces issues after delivery and we all know the endless time wasted on calling the customer care and repeating the whole story explaining the issue and getting it finally resolved or sometimes even not.

Due to my busy schedule for close to two weeks after delivery of my order from Aplava I didn’t get time to open it. Finally when I did, I was shocked and taken aback.

Shocked because an item that I had ordered 3 qty was only 1 in my box. The order details printed on the box mentioned that 3 were indeed there, but I kept re-checking and just didn’t find the other 2.

So I decided to call their helpline number trying my luck to see if their CSR would believe my story after such a long delay.

To my luck the person who answered the call did believe me, checked and said indeed I was right and only 1 was shipped instead of 3 qty. in total.

Being more than happy, I was delighted that they handled my case so patiently not realizing it was a Sunday on which I had dialed the number unknowingly.

The dramatic turn to this event was when I asked the person his name and designation to thank him for being so kind only to learn that it was the founder of the company Mr. Sukaran Singh Saluja.

I was taken aback a bit because I didn’t ever expect the owner of the company to answer calls on the helpline number and that too on a Sunday.

However he told me he had a simple policy which was that whoever dialed their helpline number, there ought to be someone to answer the call, whether it was an employee or the founder himself as the needs and issues of his customers were a top priority.

Mr. Sukaran is a highly qualified man with 5 years of experience in healthcare where he learnt a lot both from a topline and bottom perspective in an offline retail chain environment, which led him to personally understand my plight.

He further added that even though his company is just a start up now he strives to see that the same customer approach shall be followed even as they grow. I bet they will be successful in doing the same.

Aplava also puts some beauty samples in your beauty order so you can try those products if you like them.

On their website you will also realize they have the best makeup products to offer, they recently launched some amazing makeup brushes under their brand name for the beginners as well as the pros.: D

From my experience all I can say is that Aplava has built a long beautiful and rewarding relationship with me and my beauty shopping needs for the rest of my life.

Disclaimer- Website recommended for review, however my opinions and thoughts are true and honest.