Through generations, the perception is that women are inferior and incapable. Patriarchy has always taken dominance no matter how hard women have tried to fight against it.

While in today’s time we do hear of stories where patriarchy has taken a back seat, but it’s too small that it has not been able to make a significant impact.

Making a difference and putting a strong point across is the new Pakistani web series “Churalis” directed by Asim Abbasi and streaming exclusively on ZEE5.

Churails-on-ZEE5 Image Source- ZEE5

4 women of Karachi from completely different backgrounds with no direct connection but somehow their paths intertwine with just one mission “Mard Ko Dard Hoga”

Sara (Sarwat Gilani) having given up her law practice, lives a life being a trophy wife to a politician husband and a doting and loving mother to 3 kids, a life assumed to be perfect and by many women. However, she reignites the fire of being a lawyer only to be shut down by her perfect husband.

Zubaida (Meher Bano), the youngest is a rebel in her own unique way trying to mend things to her liking by bribing her younger brother who is forced to be her bodyguard by her father. She leaves no stone unturned in her dream to become a boxer and not get married off as her family wants.

Jugnu (Yasra Rizvi) is a high-profile single events manager, with a successful business. But a disaster on her 100th wedding event leads to her losing several clients and her finances. Professional and personal life going downhill makes her take recourse to alcohol. Things get worst for her when she decides to marry an African American man, a choice that does not settle well with her family.

Batul (Nimra Bucha) has just served a 20 years jail sentence and is free. Married off at an early age, she was subjected to domestic violence just because at times her husband’s needs were not satisfied. Her in-laws seemed to not bother and to save her young daughter from the misery, she murders her husband.

Churails-Launch-Image Source- ZEE5

These four women team up to start a private detective agency for the distressed housewives of Karachi. Interestingly this agency is run under a disguise of a boutique store “Halal Designs” where burqas are their capes in their mission of punishing abusive and cheating husbands.

The show digs into some serious matters concerning disgust for transgenders, homosexuals, sex workers and others being exploited by those who are respected and considered highly in the society.

The team and the intensity of their missions grow by leaps and bounds through word of mouth. They realise that no matter how flawed they are from inside they are fearless out to deliver the message ‘aage burqa, peechche bandook’.

#MainChurailHoon is their new avatar and on one fateful day their mission leads to a path they were never expecting. A path filled with masked men, armed guards and rackets involving prostitution, abortions, kidnapping etc. It is soulful to see how these women take on these people with all their might in burqas.


The show is an eye opener and shows how women no matter how flawed, fickle, and incapable they may look, there is a fire burning inside them that cannot be tamed.