In today’s times, our lives are all about the hustle and bustle. We all are perpetually in the rat race for doing everything and anything.

With the growing population and the infrastructure improvements required to take care of the same, the traffic also keeps increasing with a hope that things will get better.

How fast things will get better, many times it feels like a joke to most or almost all of us. I bet all those who travel everyday whether short or long distances would agree on the same.

If the population and the traffic were not the only problems we had to face, the increasing unpredictable changes in the climatic conditions have also added to our problems making things even miserable.

The climatic condition and the time spent in commute definitely test a person’s personal hygiene quotient.

I bet none of you like the awful smell of peoples’ sweat, especially in crowded trains, buses, gyms etc. I definitely have a hard time controlling my disgusting facial expression in such situations.

Thus, it’s very important that we take care of such sweaty situations and avoid them by using the required cosmetics and toiletries.

The cosmetic and toiletries industry has grown leaps and bounds due to the increase in health awareness among consumers around the world.

Cinthol is one such personal care brand that has not only grown over the years but has changed the mind-sets we have of personal care products through their innovative ideas.

They recently launched Cinthol deo stick, deo that has been reborn to give you 3x long lasting fragrance and is soft on the skin.

The deo sticks is available in 6 different fragrances, 3 for men and 3 for women and are priced at INR 69 only.

You can check out the deo stick online and know more about what, how and why it was reborn here.

Also, it is pretty simple to use, you can check below how you can use it. Also don’t worry it won’t stain your clothes.

Isn’t the new Cinthol deo stick for men and women easy to use and extremely affordable?

Do check it out and let me know your thoughts on the same.