Hey everyone,
Since winter is still on and the climate keeps changing every day, it simply means that one needs to take extra care of their skin.
It’s during winter that our skin feels very dry and dehydrated and this requires one to apply moisturizer more often to maintain the skin balance.
Ethicare has come out with a great product for dry skin i.e. Ethicare Remedies Hydrofil Cream for a hydrating feel.
Here is what Ethicare Remedies Hydrofil Cream claims:-
Hydrofil cream is a specially formulated moisturizer cream with excellent spread ability, which helps to replenish skin’s moisture and protective lipid barrier with advanced noncomedogenic ingredients. Hydrofil contains phospholipid – Lecithin, a natural substance found in all living cells, that helps reconstitute the deficient hydrolipidic film of the skin. Hydrofoil also contains aloevera and bees wax- the natural trusted and time tested moisturizers. Vitamin E in Hydrofil keeps your skin soft and silicon oil in Hydrofil creates occlusive film to seal the moisture into the skin. Propylene glycol in Hydrofil is trusted humactant, which absorbs moisture from atmosphere. To obtain best results, use Hydrofil cream regularly.
Used for dry and scaly skin, excellent for the hands, feet, elbows and knees this requires extra moisturizer, dry skin associated with eczema and psoriasis.

Price: – INR 190/- for 150g.

Shelf Life: -36 months.
My experience with Ethicare Remedies Hydrofil Cream.
The cream comes in a red colored tube like packaging with a tiny hole on top for dispensing the cream. It also has a silver color screw cap for keeping it tightly locked. The cream is thick in consistency and white in color and on application requires to be blended well on the skin. Once blended well, it doesn’t leave any sticky or oily feeling on the skin. It certainly heals dry skin immediately and gives an instant hydrating feel. If you have dry and scaly skin, this is the cream you should have in your kitty to replenish your skin’s moisture.
The only con I faced with this product was the fragrance, it just doesn’t suit my nose and hence I unfortunately can’t keep using it no matter how great this product is with its healing and hydrating power.
This product is very affordable and travel friendly and all those unlike me who don’t have the fragrance issue should definitely give this product a try.
My ratings for the Ethicare Remedies Hydrofil Cream would be 4/5.
If you have tried this emollient cream, do let me know your views on the same.
Disclaimer: – Product sent by brand for consideration, however my opinion is true and honest.