Hey everyone!

So the winters have finally set in Mumbai and the chills can be felt all over. Winter time also brings with it a caution that says it’s time to take care of your skin, especially your lips. It’s the season when your lips become extremely dry, cracked and chapped. Hence you need a really good lip moisturiser to heal it as well as to keep it looking happy and perfect.

I do love lip moisturisers that have a color to it, as it lets me have the best of both worlds, but one does need a colorless lip balm too for the times you don’t want to show off the color. Also it’s best to apply lip moisturiser before applying a lipstick to increase the stay of the lipstick on your lips.

So today I shall be reviewing Ethicare Remedies Lip Moisturiser LIPZ with SPF 15.

A little about Ethicare Remedies:
Founded in 2003, Ethicare Remedies, with its creative & different concept blended with innovation & quality products has rapidly grown into a major beauty and fashion brand since then. Their exclusive focus is on skin & hair, truly dedicated to dermatology & cosmetology.
They are a market & customer driven company and regularly launch new innovative products for skin, hair & body. Since inception, they have consistently worked on creating products that stand apart in their uncompromising quality.
They are a company that believes in bringing the best quality product with best pure ingredients to their customers.
Ethicare takes pride in being pioneer of most of its products which is the result of their mantra: “Creativity & innovation are our fuel.”
Their products have become so famous worldwide that they are being exported to Dubai, Mauritius, Yemen, Bangladesh and Nepal too.
Ethicare Remedies Lip Moisturiser LIPZ with SPF 15 claims-
Soothes, heals, rehydrates and protects dry, chapped lips. No waxy feel, fragrance free, color free, preservative free, hypoallergenic.
Price- INR 90/- for 9 g.
Shelf Life- 36 months.
My experience with Ethicare Remedies Lip Moisturiser LIPZ with SPF 15.
It comes in a tube like packaging which is slanting towards its head with a red cap from where the lip moisturiser comes out. The application is very simple making it hassle free and hygienic for use. The moisturiser is like petroleum jelly, so it’s very smooth on the lips. Since its colorless, it’s great for those times when you don’t want to have the color on your lips. What I loved most about it was that on two applications after few hours my lips were completely healed and were as good as new. It also adds a slight shine to the lips and the fragrance is pretty non-existent so it will suit everyone. It comes with SPF 15 which according to me is a must in every lip moisturiser. It’s also travel friendly and has definitely found a permanent place in my handbag.
A quick refresh.
1. Travel friendly.
2. Colorless.
3. Heals and restores your dry, chapped.
4. Protects lips.
5.  No waxy feeling.
6.  SPF 15.
7.  Affordable.
Cons: –
None that I could find, since I loved the fact that it’s colorless and healed my lips completely in just two applications.
This is definitely a must have lip moisturiser for the ones who want a colorless lip moisturiser that quickly heals and protects and is colorless too.
I will definitely be buying this product again because of its amazing qualities, SPF 15 and the fact that it’s colorless.
My rating for this lip moisturiser is 5/5.
If you have tried the Ethicare Remedies Lip Moisturiser LIPZ with SPF 15, do let me know your comments on the same, would love to know how it worked for you.