I remember my school days specifically for one thing “Thought of the day”

Every day there would be a new thought that would be explained in brief to be reflected upon. However, as a kid not understanding the same, it was often brushed away as just a casual ritual with no meaning.

Growing older meant not only aging in number but aging gracefully with wisdom. That’s when all those thoughts of the day started making sense and the actual reflection dawned on me.

I’m sure most of you too relate to thoughts such as “Practice makes a man perfect”, “Failures are a stepping stone to success”, “Never Judge a book by its cover” and “Prevention is better than cure”

While the first 3 quotes are not only experienced but practiced too, sadly the 4th one is ignored by all of us conveniently.

After the damage is done, then we reflect upon the quote and say; Oh! How I wish I was careful.

The problem with all of us is that we wait for a tsunami to occur to realize the gravity of the situation.

This tsunami-like situation is commonly noticed in our lives when it comes to our health.

In different forms and in different times, our body gives us these hints and signs that we need to take care of it, but alas we brush it away like nobody’s business.

The common excuses for ignoring these subtle hints are our busy schedules, meetings, promotions etc. etc. which according to us are more important than our health.

What we fail to realize is that “without health, there is no wealth” and if we don’t exist in proper body, mind and soul, there is no use of the time and effort we are putting into achieving our dreams. Hence it is important for us to listen to our bodies.

I understand that it is sometimes quite irritating to hear family, friends, and relatives ask us about our health and our well-being, but they enquire because they are concerned about us.

Also, to add to our problems, living in the technological world we are in, we Google our symptoms in order to determine the adversity of the situation.

Google is an artificial intelligence made by man, which is fed by man and hence in no way can solve the problems that a medical examination can.

Heart attack, cancer, kidney failure and other major illnesses affect lakhs of Indians every year as per the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).

Hence this battle against major illnesses has become necessary. It’s time we listen to our body and do justice to it by treating it well.

When you encounter common symptoms like a cough, body pain, fatigue, headache etc. don’t take them lightly, go visit a doctor as you never know if these may be the starting signals of a serious disease.

Be proactive and get your body checked on a periodic basis to ensure that you prevent any damages to your body. Remember your body is a temple and it needs to be worshiped.

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance has taken up this caring initiative of making you aware of your responsibility towards your health and with an association with SRL are organizing a body check-up.

You can check www.listentobody.com and protect yourself and your family.

While you ponder on this thought, I leave you with a quote by Benjamin Franklin, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”