Hey guys,
It’s been a while since I wrote something, so when I thought of what I’m going to write, I felt a bit emotional… hehe you got me!
So today I am going to talk about a nine letter word that comes in everyone’s life either at any stage or any number of times. Yeah! You heard it right, the word is “Sacrifice”

Ummmm it’s an intense word nah? Yeah it is… this 9 letter word makes one raise an eyebrow when one even thinks about it or utters it.  Says “Sacrifice” (raised eyebrow) hehehe!
As a kid we didn’t even know what this word was. After all being a kid this was too big of a word for our tiny happy life dictionary and for some it was a word that was difficult to even say it let alone spell it.
However as we grew older and some of us wiser… we started understanding what emotions are ranging from love to hate, we slowly started getting accustomed to this so called word “sacrifice”.  I can bet this has made an impact in many of our lives in various ways and probably changed the way how each of us has dealt with life.
Sacrifices are of various kinds and of different intensity; it may be you sacrificing your share of chocolate for your younger sibling or for parents it will be them sacrificing their meal just to feed their children.
As we grow old in life we realize that the degree of sacrifice intensifies.  I am sure we all have heard that great line from our parents “For your education and lavish life we sacrifice so much” which we don’t pay attention to as we are in the stage of I give a dam about all this ! What we don’t realize is that these are the exact words we are going to spill out to our kids sooner or later.
Whenever we have a conversation of life we all broaden our chest by talking highly about the sacrifices we have made or are going to make, be it sacrificing our passion to climb up the ladder in the corporate world, in a relationship about the sacrifice of adjustment, or about how we sacrificed our love for something just to see our loved ones happy.
It’s rare to find someone who will be happy to talk about the sacrifices they have made because we all know that many times the sacrifice may be like a do or die situation, a forced one or a dead end.
In my own personal life when I look back I wish I would have made some changes and not sacrificed on some things, but we all know life is no time machine, so I wake up every morning and tell  myself “Go with the flow and be happy ” hehehe I bet some of you wake up telling this quote to yourself
Growing older I have learnt one thing that sacrifice is a never ending cycle which we all pass through right from being born into this world to the time we are six feet under.
All in all I would like to say don’t make sacrifices just to please someone or because it’s what everyone expects you to do, but do it because it in turn will bring you the happiness that makes you smile.
It’s time we break the association of sacrifice with “sadness” and associate it with “happiness”
The music lover in me wants to quote the lyrics of the very famous singer Elton John’s song- Sacrifice
“And it’s no sacrifice
Just a simple word
its two hearts living
in two separate worlds
But it’s no sacrifice
No sacrifice
it’s no sacrifice at all”