Hey everyone,

Today I would like to talk about something that relates to all of us, and that is our skin. We all love to have beautiful, soft and glowing skin. However even if we are blessed with the same, a lot of factors like pollution, health issues, food habits, ageing etc., don’t let our skin be at its best. I bet you all would agree that the most affected skin on our body is facial skin!

No matter how many expensive face washes, sunscreen or creams we use at times to take care to keep our facial skin soft and glowing, it just doesn’t seem to do any good. If all this is not enough, our grandmothers and mothers also help us try various hands down home remedies for the same, which we all know takes a lot of patience from us to get the desired results. Alas we all live in the 21stcentury where for us time is precious not just in minutes but seconds too, and hence we wish we get something that solves all our facial problem in the least time, is cost effective, natural and also gives us the desired result.

So what if I have to tell you that this wish has been finally fulfilled, all credits to a wonderful lady Miss Eugenie Shek, who like you and me was tired and fed up of all these never ending not too fruitful beauty treatments and who lived in a belief that beauty comes with an expensive price tag. However a trip to Korea changed her entire concept of beauty cosmetics for skin care. With this new change she gave birth to Skin 18, her own company. How wonderful is that, to share her happiness with all and let each one of us share her happiness, after all what’s happiness if not shared!

I too was one of the fortunate few to enjoy this happiness, as I received the amazing Skin 18 Korean Mask Sheet and Ben Sera syringe serum for a natural revamp of my skin. As amazed I was to receive these goodies in the image below I decided to not only try it myself but get a friend to try it too. My friend who has more than a handful at her hand as she is blessed with twins, who don’t ever cease to make her go crazy, somehow got half an hour out to try a mask of her choice. She picked up the Multi Vitamin Brightening Active Mask, you can see the pic attached to see the process. On using the same she felt her skin was little better considering the fact she has a stressful life. But she enjoyed the 30 minutes mini spa moments at home.

However when I decided to try the same I picked up the Honey Mask, the on-the-go girl that I am juggling  work, studies and blogging, I needed some break time from all of my rendezvous. So I too tried it by posing for the same (I look like a ghost, bwahahha) and enjoyed the cooling effect the mask was leaving on my face. After 30 minutes when I removed it off, my skin was softer and smoother, also my skin was singing “I feel alive and awesome”  

I truly loved this experience as I didn’t have to move my butt out to feel the awesome experience, and the best part is that all these masks are dermatologically tested and easy to use, anywhere and anytime, all you need to do is have a glass of wine for company. 
I know you would love to know more about them too, so go ahead and visit their website and you can order these Korean Sheet Masks for free by just paying shipping charges.
Do let me know if you have tried any of their sheet masks, also do watch out for more updates from me on Skin 18 regarding their other face-masks and the syringe serum.