A house is not a home, if it just four walls and if there is nothing that speaks about you and your freedom.

There is a reason why we all fall homesick when we are away from home even for a day, it’s simply because we miss the company of our loved ones as well our spaces in our homes where we can just be ourselves without being judged.

No matter how small or big our houses are, there is always so much about our homes that keeps us always connected to it; the memories of which form a big part in different stages of our life.

It is in our homes that we see the transition in our lives from a toddler playing space, to a kids study table to an adult work station.

 All these bits and pieces are somewhat personal to each one of us. We live in the age where we either like things customized or a variety of choices to choose from across the world to make a house into our home.

Freedom Tree is the brainchild of Latika Khosla, an international trend and color consultant, who through this amazing home décor website brings to you the best of both worlds in terms of trend and color which truly express your freedom in your homes.

On the website you can browse through a variety of collections for your home whether the colorful design furniture in the living room, your bedroom space or the cushions, rugs and lamps that speaks about your taste.

 If their stylish furniture for living room is something that you won’t help fall in love with,you won’t help but buy some quirky but cute bed covers online.

If you are one of those who likes everything to be customized as per your freedom of choice, don’t worry they have talented and capable designers who will help you with the makeover of not only your home, but your offices, cafes and even guest houses.

Freedom Tree is committed to making every minute detail of décor of your homes as special and lovely as it can be.

So fret not anymore because you now have the freedom to make your home an extension of your freedom with Freedom Tree.

Disclaimer-  Sponsored post, however my thoughts and opinions are true and honest.