Hey everyone,
I am in a happy mood today, so I thought why not spread some happiness and make others happy. 😀
My simple motto in life as you must have read is to be the reason for anyone’s smile which indirectly makes that person happy.

This particular trait developed in me during my 10th std where there was a chapter on happiness. In that chapter the author had said, learn to say thank you and smile when someone does even the smallest things to you. Like a thank you to the cab driver or the rickshaw driver, your maid, your relationship manager, the person at the departmental store, basically anyone and everyone you come across. He said it’s necessary to do so because happiness and smile spread from one person to another and just multiples within seconds just like those bed bugs…hehehe just kidding you got what I mean right?
Happiness is such a thing that when you share it with someone or do things that make you happy you indirectly become a reason for that person’s happiness. You may not realize this but a generous tip to that cab driver when you are happy make indirectly help him to get some sweets for his kids which will not only make him happy but also his kids who will give him that tight hug he longed for after a tiring day and the fact that he will remember that you made him happy. 🙂
So you see happiness is like the waves of the sea it covers everyone it gets in its net and spreads it within seconds. 🙂

For me happiness is in doing such kinds of things reason solely being that fateful 10th std chapter. I like applying such things in life which interest me. In fact I sometimes sit to think that the author has actually spread the waves of happiness to so many kids of my age that time who had read that chapter. I hope he pats his back for the same. 😀
To me happiness is finding the happiness in other’s life be it teaching children and seeing the happiness in their eyes that they have understood well and are now confident, it just makes my day.
Playing with small kids wherever and whenever I get the opportunity. Ah! How I love to see those giggles and the way they make me do crazy things like dance with them to their nursery rhymes.
Reading fiction and being lost in a different world where I get so involved in the character that I think it’s me and everything is happening around me makes me happy as I feel I get the opportunity to live different lives.
Doing small acts of kindness, maybe helping the old cross the road, or helping someone get the correct directions, talking to a stranger and listening to their views on life and being able to pep them up when they share their problems and bring that smile on their face make me feel blessed and happy. 🙂
Blogging and knowing that somewhere someone is impacted with my blogs makes me happy too.
The best part of all these little acts of happiness is that it gets multiplied when shared with everyone and why not when you can just pop open a bottle of Coca-Cola and share the happiness with everyone.

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