Last week I spoke about an important question in our lives i.e. Are dreams only meant to be dreams?

I also said that Bajaj Allianz Life was coming up with a new product to let you accomplish those dreams, so that you could dream, dream, dream.

Personally, I am of the opinion that we should not just dream, but dream big. Simply because when we dream big, we push ourselves to break boundaries to achieve them.

The delight and satisfaction we get when we achieve them cannot be expressed in words.

Dreams also are not necessarily for oneself, but for our loved ones too. We love to pitch in, in whatever way we can to help them achieve those dreams too.

Bajaj Allianz Life, understands the importance of not only your dreams but the dreams of your loved ones and hence have launched their new product Bajaj Allianz Life Future Wealth Gain that not only protects but also safeguards yours and your family’s future.

The Future Wealth Gain product is a unit-linked endowment plan and has two variants i.e. ‘Wealth Plus’ and ‘Wealth Plus Care’. What’s best about this product is that it not only protects you and your family but also aims at maximizing your wealth.

We all know that the value of money today will not be the same in the future. Therefore, to safeguard us from this adversity, so that we don’t have any hindrances in fulfilling our financial goals the Future Wealth Gain product invests in capital market.

In both the variants of Future Wealth Gain, an investor can choose the type of allocation of their premium amount either through the investor selectable portfolio strategy wherein depending on your personal choice you opt for the portfolio strategy among 8 funds or through the wheel of life portfolio strategy wherein the premium is allocated in funds in a certain pre-determined proportion depending on the outstanding years to maturity.

We need to select the strategy at the inception of the policy and can later switch between at any strategies on subsequent policy anniversary.

The death benefit under the ‘Wealth Plus variant’ is the higher of the sum assured, plus top-up sum assured, if any, or fund value, as on the date of receipt of intimation of death.

As maturity benefit, a person will receive the fund value plus top up premium fund value, if any as on maturity date, including Loyalty Additions.

The Loyalty Additions are added to the Regular Premium Fund Value as a percentage of one annualized premium at the end of every 5th policy year starting from the 10th policy year. This is however provided only if all due regular premiums have been paid up to date. The Loyalty Additions are as follows below:


At the end of Policy Year

Loyalty Additions (% of one Annualized Premium)










Future Wealth Gain also offers Fund Boosters that will be added to the regular premiums on maturity when all premiums have been paid up to date and the policy is in-force.

The minimum premium for this product is INR 50,000 annually with a maximum policy term of 25 years and a minimum of 10 years subject to a 5 year premium paying term.

The Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Future Wealth Gain plan is a complete package if you are looking at not only protecting yours and your family’s future but also maximizing your wealth.

So, go ahead and #InvestBefikar so that you can #JiyoBefikar