Most of us have always been in awe of vehicles from the time we got to know about what they were.

As we got to know more and more about vehicles the obsession for them started to begin especially for cars and bikes.

Often the obsession and love for them ranked at the same level, or one being greater than the other.

However, I have noticed this and I do have a lot of friends especially guys who love bikes and go crazy talking about them.

The passion and love they have for bikes is clearly seen in their expression and the conversations they have about bikes. It’s a different kind off love that one can see through the twinkle in their eyes.

So many guys refer to their bikes as their babies, girlfriends etc. etc. and go to great lengths to take care of them. The love for their bikes is seen through how they maintain it on a daily basis.

Taking care of a bike is not easy as it is just like any other relationship wherein one needs to put in efforts to maintain its well-being.

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