We are who we are and no one can change that. This statement has always proved to be correct in numerous situations.

No matter how much we may try to hide who we truly are, it never ceases to manifest itself in the little things we do.

Whether it’s the way we dress, talk, walk or express ourselves we exhibit our true selves i.e. the inner us.

In the journey of life, it’s important for us to accept who we are so that we can be ourselves and express the inner us.

Jewellery has always been one such item where we truly express ourselves. After all, not everyone likes the same kind of jewellery right?

Some of us like simple jewellery, some elaborate, whereas there would be some who would like it to be custom made. Whatever the choice is, we want it to be as per what we would like it to be.

CaratLane.com is one such website that understands how important our choices are and have been taking care of the same since its inception in October 2008.

It’s not only one of the top e-commerce site in India but has some beautiful stores at various locations in India where we can express our inner self with the exquisite jewellery collections they have.

What’s most striking about CaratLane.com is the innovative ideas they come up with for expressing various emotions through jewellery.

I recently visited their store in Lower Parel, Mumbai and I was awed by their collection. The detailing, design and idea behind the jewellery was something that caught my attention.

CaratLane has just launched the Bombay Deco Collection which is a tribute to the iconic city of Mumbai in 34 beautiful pieces of jewellery such as The Empress Court, Regal Cinema, Eros Cinema etc.

The Liberty Linear Drop earrings.

The beautifully crafted Metro Cinema earrings.

The reflection of Regal cinema in the ring.

A cute butterfly earring from the Butterfly collection that celebrates the spirit of a woman’s transformation into her authentic self.

The Peacock Trellis earrings and the pendant from the Trellis collection celebrate the art of trellising in a luxurious spin. I was amazed by the intricate designing of this entire collection. 


The bracelet and the ring are from the marvelous Aaranya collection which is an ode to the beautiful trees of the forest.

The pendant and the ring are from the Fleur collection and its all about flowers.  Flowers play a very important role in a girls life.

Peacock is the national bird of India is always admired for its elegant poise and this collection is all about that. 

I was truly impressed and spellbound with the unique designs and thoughts behind each collection. Each jewellery item had its own distinct identity and was made to charm not only the person wearing it but the one seeing it too.

My time spent at the CaratLane store and the pieces I picked to try on definitely speak about my inner self. So head on to their website to find your match this festive season and truly express your inner self. 

Also, don’t forget to check out the amazing discounts and deals they have this festive season both at their stores and online.