Hey everyone,
I am pretty sure that the tittle of my post has already made you wonder what I am going to be talking about in this post. The words ‘choose to start’ can mean so many different things in a variety of matters. Be it you choosing to start a new job, a new life, quitting your fat  pay package just to follow your passion, or to live alone, or to be independent, on and on the list is and will always be endless.
No matter what item on the list it is we all remember the time we choose to start something new, whether it was the first date, first bike, the first thing you bought with your own salary or even the first phone you owned. I am pretty sure most of our first phones were the nokia devices that made our life simpler in terms of contacts, messages, reminders and the big thing alarm from which we devised the snooze button that we all love so much. 😛

Over the years technology has advanced so much and so fast that technology itself strives hard to make our lives as easy as A,B, C. In today’s decade we all know how dependent we are on our smartphones and how it’s the first thing we wake up to, to say good morning or the last thing at night to say those good night sweet dreams and take care emotions. Smartphones has rearranged the basic necessities from Food, clothing and shelter to Smartphone, food, clothing and shelter.
 I bet we all remember our emotion quotient of stubborn, sacrifices, hard work etc. just to buy that smartphone we longed for with all those high end features and that heavy price tag. I remember my emotions of trying to score well in my exams just to be gifted with a high end smartphone.
Being the weird and normal me and also the one for whom technology is like food. I love to explore various smartphones and their respective features and try to get the best buy with the features that suit me the best, though often I have had to make a lot of comprises and at times these scarifies have made me cry.
I guess God was not happy seeing his beloved and favorite child sad about her smartphone woes and scarifies, therefore he put the best team of technologically boundless minds in place to create a flagship smartphone to help me #ChooseToStart my happy journey with the all new Moto E.
This flagship smartphone according to me has the best of both worlds and is out to give everyone who wants the best at an affordable price. This phone boasts of all its luxurious features but yet is so light on the pocket that it not only pleases but makes everyone happy about owning it.
Its amazing features that I would love to highlight and which I feel should be looked up by every buyer of a smartphone are as follows:-
·         Processor and Storage- The amazing 1.2 Ghz Quad core CPU with 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage(4.5 GB user memory) expandable to 32GB which will not only let you multi task with ease but will also be super responsive with the countless apps and perfect for your browsing and gaming requirements.
·         Operating System- Since this is an Android OS it’s a must to have the latest OS and Moto E runs on the latest Android Lollipop with guaranteed upgrades.
·         Battery- We all know the number of apps we use and how they eat up the battery as easily as we eat chocolates. This phone has a 2390 mAh battery that is designed to last you all day long.
·         Design and Durability:- Don’t we all know how messy we are at times no matter how many precautions we take we are bound to drop our beauty off our hands at least once, however fret not as this phone comes with Corning Gorilla Glass to protect against that unexpected fall and also with a water repellant coating. Also for those like me who keep texting continuously on their phones when it comes to emails, whatsapp etc. etc. it has an awesome anti-smudge coating that keeps those annoying fingerprints away.
·         Connectivity: We all are living in a world where everything is 3G, and we know that nowadays a smartphone without a 3G connection is like using that old fashioned Nokia 3310. This phone has a super-fast 3G connection to keep it alive and kicking.
·          Camera- Being a person who continuously clicks pictures of whatever I like or sending those selfies of my various mood to my friends and family, this beauty comes with a 5 MP autofocus back camera and a 0.3 MP front camera.
·         Display- We all love everything big, whether it’s a TV, tab, pay package etc. etc., the Moto E comes with a 4.5 inches qHD TFT LCD display that makes all those images, videos and the books you read appear crystal clear.
·         Moto Assist- This feature is what I love the most, This feature is like your best friend who without being told understands you and recognizes when you shouldn’t be bothered like when you’re in a meeting or sleeping or be it when you’re driving to automatically be set to read messages to you and make you enjoy your drive by playing music. After certain hours, it only lets important calls get through to you so that you remain undisturbed..
There you go, I bet after reading all these amazing features you are as awe-struck as me. It’s a phone that listens to you and is something that you would want to have with you even during those times when you want to be alone.
I am so amazed that the weird me for the first time agrees with the normal me that I should #ChooseToStart my smartphone journey with the all new Moto E. After all where do you get the luxuries of life at such an affordable price?
If you too, after reading my post, are as impressed as me don’t even give a second thought just head over to http://www.startwithmotoe.com/ and #ChooseToStart a wonderful journey with the all new Moto E.