While wedding festivities can be as grand as they can be, planning and executing them is another story altogether.

Being Catholics, our wedding reception after the nuptials is a mix of various events happening. However, the most special one being the couple’s first dance as husband and wife. The song selected for the first dance is not any random popular song but is something that is close to the couple. It’s the song that speaks about them and their love.

If you know about the TV series “Flash” you would definitely remember the song “Running Home to you”, this was the song we selected for our first dance. This is not a very popular song and very few people have heard about it but it is a very meaningful one. Now if you listen to it, you’ll know this is not a very easy song to dance on and extremely difficult to choreograph by yourself.

I and my husband love to dance, we are fairly good at freestyle dancing but when it comes to ballroom dancing, we were plain simple amateurs.  Mr. Husband the perfectionist that he is, suggested we take ballroom dance lessons. Some of our friends who had learnt Ballroom dancing suggested we enrol ourselves at Conrad Coelho’s Dance Company for the Beginner’s class as it is one of the most popular dance academies in town.

Mr Conrad has been running this academy from the last 12 years and is an Internationally (ISTD London) certified teacher for Latin American and Ballroom Dancing.

Two months of religious one-hour Sunday dance lessons at Conrad’s academy gave us confidence that we were no more socially awkward when it came to ballroom dancing. Conrad is an excellent teacher who teaches different types of ballroom dancing with finesse. After the first few lessons at his academy, you’ll feel you had a talent for dancing which you never knew.

Completing the level one dance lessons at the dance academy set us up in our preparation for our first dance. But we were still beginners and we didn’t know how to choreograph an entire song. That is when we decided to approach him to personally choreograph our first dance and to be brutally honest it was the best decision we took.

As I mentioned earlier, the song that we selected was not an easy song to dance on but Conrad was up to the challenge. Now a first dance is always challenging for the newly wedded couple especially for the bride as she has to dance in a gown on centre stage with a whole bunch of people watching her thinking the whole time she doesn’t goof up or fall.

He being a professional keeps all of these tiny details in check when he is choreographing you for your first dance. He does his homework and preparation on your preferred choice of the song before you land up for the session. He gave us steps that were not only easy to remember but also graceful and elegant. He is also very patient and doesn’t move forward until you perfect the steps.

He gave us tips on how to face the camera, the people and to always be happy as it is our big day. More importantly, he always ensures that you’re comfortable and keeps encouraging you till you get it right.

So, here’s the video of our first dance on our wedding day.

And to top it all, would you believe if I told you that he choreographed this entire song for us in just two sessions of one hour each? That’s Conrad Coelho for you ladies and gentlemen!

Our first dance turned out to be one of the most wonderful part of our wedding which we will always cherish thanks in big part to Conrad.