Hey all,

Hope you are doing great. I hope you all are preparing yourself as winter is coming.. : P

So in September I entered a twitter giveaway to win the September Fab Bag by Shalini of Be Beautilicious and guess what, I won it. Felt so good to win something on twitter, playing after such a long time.

I received it in the first week of October and the delay was because of the late arrival of the Sugar Mascara that I had selected as a special gift choice for their 4th Anniversary.

Personally I have not subscribed to any beauty subscription boxes because of the fact that I have an overdose of cosmetics products lying with me either having spent for them myself or having been gifted by my relatives and friends.

I always wanted to try Fab Bag as it was one of the few beauty subscription boxes I had known of and almost everyone talks about it.

So since I won it, I thought I should write about my experience on the same. 

So to begin with, Fab Bag was launched in June 2012, and they came out with a new concept of try before you buy. One has to subscribe to their beauty bag to receive monthly beauty bags which cater to one’s beauty needs.

Every month you receive 4 deluxe beauty and cosmetic product samples. If you like them you can visit their website and order the full size products at fabulous discounts.

Here are the items I received in my September/ 4th Anniversary Fab Bag.

  1. Sand Deadly Face Mask (Sample Size) – I am super-duper excited to try this and write my review on the same.
  2. Johara Instant Radiance Face Scrub (Sample Size) – Going to try this ASAP just waiting for my current face scrub to get over. : P
  3. Neemli Tulsi and Clay Body Wrap– I am looking forward to trying something new and this is definitely different.
  4. SUGAR Lash Mob Limitless Mascara- Black with a Bang (Full Size) – Sugar Cosmetics as we all know have taken over the beauty market like a storm. I am excited to try my first Sugar Cosmetics product. 😀
  5. Fashionography Accessory– A cute accessory by Fashionography.

Their Subscription rates are as follows:-

– Rs. 599/- for one month subscription.

– Rs. 1,499/- for a 3 months subscription.

– Rs. 2,699/- for a half yearly subscription.

– Rs. 4,799/- for an annual subscription. 

My verdict on Fab Bag

Overall I am impressed with Fab Bag and its contents. It’s a nice way of trying something new and different than the usual cosmetic brands one uses.

The fact that you don’t have to buy the whole product to know if it works or no for you is simply awesome.

They have almost all the best brands and often introduce you to some new never heard of brands that are simply awesome.

It comes in is super cute pouch. Though it changes every month, it is always unique and special.

They also have the #InMyFabBag Contest every month where in you have to take a picture of your Fab Bag and share it either on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and you can be one of their 10 lucky winners for the prize of the month.

They also send some discount coupons for renewal of the subscription box.

All in all, if you are the one who loves trying different products all the time, or simply loves to try samples before buying a full sized product, this is the most cost efficient option for you.

Do let me know your experience of Fab Bag beauty subscription box or your thoughts of beauty subscription boxes. 

Disclaimer- This is not a sponsored post.