So today I have decided to talk about food. Yeah! Food and only food, after all what can you expect from a foodie 😀
Here’s my first food review on a place I was literally dying to go from the time it opened in Mumbai- Powai (Hiranandani Gardens) i.e. Chili’s Grill and Bar.
As you pass by this place or even look from the outside before you enter you just can’t miss one thing that is the big red chili hanging at the entrance of this American/ Tex-Mex restaurant. As you enter one of their staff will greet you asking the normal question of how many people 😛 hehehe. Once you’re done with the normal magic code to enter you will just see how spacious this place is and the ambience is too good for the young crowd and just makes you feel like Damn! This is the place I always wanted to be at. Again you are going to see the big chili hovering over your head if you sit at their mid-section place where the bar is. Mind you it’s perfect for watching those Chelsea v/s Manchester United matches 😀

As I make myself comfortable on their well cushioned low rise seats a lady comes to me and greets me with a big bright smile by saying Welcome to Chili’s 😀 see the smiley says it all.
I had checked up on Zomato regarding this place and what was the normal people’s favorite dish over here, so going by the majority I ordered the “Old Timer”. This is the buffalo beef burger served with French fries. Just see the pic it looks so tempting na… hehehe I was transported to a different world when I had this. It was so juicy and soft and definitely so fulfilling. 
Next I decided to order for something different and so I went for the Chili’s chicken enchiladas, they looked so perfect and mouthwatering that I couldn’t help but dig in to it the moment it was served. Its three rolls stuffed with chicken and cheese, topped with melted cheese and corn and at the sides you have the green colored rice and black beans. The rolls were a perfect blend of chicken and cheese and are so soft that they just melt in your mouth and all you will say is yummy!! The rice and the black beans are just for you to have something by the side while you’re lost in the world of cheese and chicken. 

Lastly I had my eyes on the dessert menu, they have pretty good desserts and being a cheesecake lover I went for the Cheesecake which was perfectly served with strawberry syrup. Trust me it looks heavenly and a bite into the cheesecake I felt I was in the cheesecake factory and all I wanted to do was eat more and more and never get tired of eating it. It felt like I was just lost and the feeling was like you don’t want to be pinched back into reality. 

All in all this is a perfect place if you are planning to just hang out with your friends and have some fun time and a place where you want to just be yourself. The staff out here is just so friendly and helpful and know the menu well to even suggest you, they keep on inquiring with you on your emotion quotient towards the dish being served. I just loved this attitude of theirs as I love being told about what I am eating and what it is like, after all what’s better than knowing it from the horse’s mouth itself. 😛
If you are working in and around Powai then you should definitely consider visiting the place and for the rest of you it’s a great place to bite the Chili for around 1500 INR for two, and to add to the fun they accept Sodexo and Ticket Restaurant coupons too.
My rating for this joint would be 4/5. So go get set to be chilled 😉
PS- A special message from Chili’s themselves (pic attached) and you can head over to Zomato for the delicious menu