Oh what an unhealthy life in a healthy fashion we live, isn’t it?

Oh yes I am sweating it out at the gym daily but why must it stop me from enjoying that delicious brownie, after all I am fit right?

So our lives have become like above, we claim to be living a healthy life cheating ourselves that we are indeed living an unhealthy life but who cares as the cake of life looks healthy.


What one doesn’t realize is that magic is just a fantasy and to make things really happen, one has to put in efforts to make the real magic happen.

Our fast paced lives that we live of the supposedly 9-6 job have now been stretched over to us being robots that are available 24/7, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

The bitter truth of life it is, but we all know why we try to be like a robot, simply because we want that comfortable and luxurious life that we see in the movies so let’s slog it out Monday to Friday and finally exclaim TGIF.


But what if, in all this fast track of our life of being first and enjoying the best, there suddenly is a pause, a pause which can either be continued from where it was paused or a pause that became a stop.

That very moment one realizes if only I had planned well, if only I had thought about the consequences of my action etc. etc. the number of ifs, suddenly become endless.


The healthier and wiser choice in life was, is and will always be to plan and prepare oneself for the countless uncertainties that life throws at us, since after all prevention is better than cure.

Hence the essence of having an insurance policy which is not just a simple insurance policy but takes care of your health and wellness is very important.

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance has always been thinking of the future and keeping up with the fast paced life, living the healthy unhealthy life is coming out with a one of a kind insurance plan to cater to these specific needs.

So no matter what lemons, life throws at you in terms of accidental death, partial or permanent disability, critical illnesses etc. etc. you are prepared to make lemon juice of it.

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Disclaimer:- Sponsored post; however my opinion and thoughts are true and honest.