Almost everyone in today’s time loves to juggle too many things in life, including me.

This generation is the one where in even though our plate is full we are ready to do more and more.

In all this juggle which further leads to a mess most of the times, we lose our balance.

As there is no balance of anything anymore there is so much stress which leads to health issues.

Then trying to get the right balance in life becomes so difficult that the money that we saved so much by juggling everything ends up in paying doctors’ bills.

Ultimately we wonder what’s the use of juggling so much and leading an unbalanced life if we had to just pay the medical bills.


Then when we sit to ponder we realize what if I had made some smart and right investment choices, probably today I would be leading a balanced life.

A wise man once said two things,“Invest your money in such a way that one day your investment returns are either equal to your current salary or more than your salary” and “Never put all your eggs in one basket “

My conclusions from this would be that if any day I plan to quit my job either before retirement or just because I am tired of my 9- 6 job, my standard of living should not be affected.

So the best thing to do for me as a young investor would be to invest smartly in such a way that my portfolio of investments are diversified giving me the best of everything.

Considering the hectic schedules that we all have, we do not have the time to know what, where and when to invest.

So we try to search a balance for our investments to balance our life and this is where ICICI Prudential Balanced Advantage Fund comes in place.

ICICI Prudential Balanced Advantage Fund is an open ended equity fund wherein the fund invests in both equity and debt instruments giving you not only growth opportunities but also safety.

The simple and the most important reason of investing in this fund is that it not only diversifies your investments but also is handled by managers who have experiences ranging between 8- 20 years.

The experience definitely speaks highly about the quality of the investment strategies these managers take in order to give great returns.

Benefit of investing in this fund is the in house asset allocation model that aims to buy low and sell high. Also it aims to gain from market volatility over the long term.

The minimum application amount of this fund is INR 5,000 (plus multiples of INR 1) and the minimum additional application amount is INR 1,000 (plus multiples of INR 1). The minimum redemption amount is INR 500 (and multiples thereof) There is no entry load but the exit loads depends on the time of exit. There is no exit load after 18 months and on 20% of unit’s up to 18 months from allotment but if more than 20% of units are exited within 18 months of allotment it is 1% of applicable NAV.

For the ones looking at this fund from the taxation point of view, the returns earned after a year are tax free.

For the ones who understand how risk plays while investing, this fund has a moderately high risk as its aim is at long term wealth creation solution.

For a person who doesn’t understand anything, this is a fund where in you not only get the tax saving option but also  annual returns with a long term wealth maximization.

In conclusion I can say that investing in the ICICI Prudential Balanced Advantage Fund is the right balance for your life.

Disclaimer- Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks, please read all scheme related documents.
Financial instrument recommended for review; however my opinion and thoughts are true and honest.