Hey guys,
Today I thought I would right about something that defines who I am and what I always want to see and hope people become. My favorite one liner “I am independent”
Independence of oneself or being independent is what I see myself as whether it’s making life’s decisions or paving the path to the journey of this wonderful life gifted to me by God.

I really never get along with the line of Indian parents to their kids “ Till you get married don’t worry beta I am here for you” I am like what? So you are trying to tell me that I need to get married at your expense and then prove to you that Hey! Look, Mama Papa, I can handle my spouse and my married life and everything that comes along with marriage under the sun.
Why can’t I at a very young age of 15 be taught to live an independent life, to know the value of things, to understand that I need to earn what I want rather than dependent on my parents all the time for my “ basic + unnecessary needs “
I am sure that it’s when we all become parents; we realize the importance of money and also the need to be independent. My question to you guys out there is why we all can’t learn to be independent from an early age. Okay fine, you may say I am taking nonsense, or maybe being too childish, but then why do we always say it’s better to learn to swim or to drive at a young age so that the fear never creeps in. If we can learn to do that at a young age, it’s much easier for us to learn to be independent and let out the fear of not being dependent on any one 🙂
How long we will depend on our parents to change our diapers or as a matter of fact someone else? It gets awkward and embarrassing as we grow older. After all who wants to be talked about like you know that person is 25 and yet gets his diapers changed by his parents. hahhaha
To all those people reading this post of mine, my special advice would be to learn to be independent, learn to take charge of your own steering wheel.
From the time we were kids, no one has ever not answered our questions right? So why not ask the very same parents who taught us how to spell Apple and what it was 🙂
So go ahead guys, take control of your own life, start multitasking at a young age, start investing, start doing whatever you love to do independently. The start may be ruff and the ride a bit bumpy in the initial stages, but I am sure when you look back, you will be proud of yourself and will make your loved ones proud too 😀
I am a happy independent woman at the age of 23, thanks to my parents and loved ones who let me take the ride of my life and supported me all throughout. From the way I look at myself towards my future I am sure I would be the person people look up too. 😀
Happy Independence!