We live in a digital world, where everything we want or need is available at the click of a button.

The world is evolving rapidly as there is always new technology on the horizon.

In this digital world that we live in, digital marketing has taken the driver’s seat and now almost everything is linked to it.

In fact, it has come to a point where almost any business needs some amount of marketing online to succeed. Digital marketing has reached a point where it is no longer considered as an option. It has become a necessity for many companies.

These days consumers rely heavily on online information to make decisions whether it is buying or selling an item or having dinner at a restaurant or visiting a certain place etc.

Since consumers “want to know” certain details or specifics before getting into or doing something, it’s important that the information which is available online is not only accurate but also reliable.

The people who take the effort and the time to publish accurate and reliable information on the internet are called “Influencers”, simply because they hold the key of influencing the huge population of the internet.

Many a times, the influencer shares his or her experiences not only to let others know and experience the same but also to warning their audience about a potential bad experience.

As digital marketing has now become a vital part, a plethora of digital marketing companies look forward to collaborate with such “influencers” to write about their true experiences of brands for a certain fee.

Being an influencer, I have worked with many such digital marketing companies for various campaigns and one of my constant one is Influencer.in            

Influencer.in is a website where influencers need to register with their details such as website, social media reach, Bank details, etc.

A section called “Our Influencers” on their website showcases all of their influencers of various categories such as Lifestyle, Beauty, Technology etc.

Once registered, you can browse through their live campaigns segment and apply for the same.

As you browse through the selected campaign, you can read about the brand and the deliverables expected along with the deadline. While applying for the same you can quote the price you feel you deserve to be paid.

Then their expert team will get back to you once your blog and quote is approved by the brand. At times negotiations may happen but that depends on a case to case basis.

Their specialist team of talented people are very polite and friendly. They proactively help in solving any issues that may arise.

Coming to the most important part that is payments, I personally have never faced any issues. In fact, the payments have always been made on time.

Influencer.in also have an Android app which you can download from the Playstore or Appstore and apply for campaigns through it. I personally love the app as it gives me instant updates of new campaigns.

Working with the Influencer team has always been a delight and it continues doing so due to the way they function.

If you have not yet joined Influencer.in then hop onto their website and get started now.