Hey everyone,
I would like you guys to take a wild guess of what I am going to tell you next… I want you to imagine now so be creative with your imagination and just go with the flow.
Hello lovely people, let me introduce myself to you, I am the marketing head at Myntra.com and I have to tell you guys something.

For many of us here, there is this oxygen that we breathe in and out every day, i.e. shopping. Hehehhe, I am guilty of breathing in a lot of this oxygen, I guess it’s more of a need to me than it being just a desire or a simple want. I bet many of you will hands down agree with me on the same.
I have noticed that all you shopping lovers, even the ones who are into casual shopping, shop more frequently through our very user friendly app available on IOS and Android than our web based online shopping portal. So we thought, why not merge our divided efforts towards the web and the app to just being for the app. Yes Yes! You heard me right we are now app only. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? After all we decided #ItsPersonal and why not, it’s your choice just like how your choice of your smartphone is.
The best thing about our app is that we have so many features to suit your needs that we bet you will not only like but would absolutely love too. We are best friends, nah I would say soul mates, because we know everything about you, the style of clothes you love and are comfortable with, those clothes you pick to experiment a new look, those mood swings when you put some of the items in your cart and leave it lying there because you want to get a second opinion on whether you should click on the place order button, the fact that you love sales, the happiness you get when we send you a personalized code so that you can get more discounts on cart and brag about how you got the items at a steal. And that’s precisely the reason we have come closer to you on your phone where you have your own passcodes, so that your shopping desires remain known to you alone. These are just some of the things we know about you, we are sure if we sit to talk more, you would be astounded at the amount of things we know about you. But fret not, we shall always keep it personal, because after all #ItsPersonal.
We see to it that we match up your standards, that’s why we have started a new segment on our app that gives you suggestions not only on the kind of clothes you like, but also  on new trends that we know will make you steal the night, for this we not only suggest you the clothes, but also the accessories and all. We have revamped into a total complete new look and we see to it that all the items put together are not heavy on your pocket but rather let you save not some but a lot of bucks.
The cherry on this cake is that our team of professionals is just a ping away on the app to advise you on the looks as well as tips and hacks on how to look elegant and super awesome.
I bet you all are already secretly downloading the app as I am breaking out this good news to you.
For those of you who haven’t so far, don’t hesitate, just download the app and enjoy the many rays of happiness in your own #ItsPersonal way.
Hey I hope you liked the imaginative world I put you all through, this was my idea of selling the Myntra app to you. 😉 (laughs loudly)
I hope you had fun reading it and understanding and loving my idea of the all new Myntra app. Do let me know your views in the comments section. 😀
Have and awesome #ItsPersonal time.