Hey everyone,
I bet, after reading the title of my post itself your mouth would already be watering, then imagine how much my mouth would be watering writing on this yummy fact about Singapore food that has a wide variety of cuisines one can choose from as per one’s needs and desires.
To give you a little insight about Singapore food, how much one hears about they are less as how weird at times the names may sound they are as tasty and interesting as the weird me. 😛
I honestly have the habit of ordering Singaporean dishes in restaurants myself as I personally love to try different things in life than just the same old normal dishes which over a period of time can really get boring.
Being a foodie and trying anything different served to me, I can get too traditional at times by insisting on trying something that is a traditional must have of the particular place or country.
Since now is the summer time in India one thing that I look out for is something that makes me feel ice ice baby and makes me forget that it’s summer time sadness.
Obviously desserts is something one can think of to get away from such a situation, as also there is one particular dessert of Singapore that is very traditional but yet gives you the much needed cooling effect, it’s called the “Cendol”
Cendol has basic ingredients such as coconut milk, jelly noodles made from rice flour  with green food coloring, shaved ice and palm sugar. One can add some other ingredients such as red beansglutinous ricegrass jellycreamed corn, durian and vanilla ice cream too as per one’s like and desires.
I bet looking at the ingredients itself you may have realized that most of them are so soothing to the throat to give you the cool effect especially the coconut, ice and jelly noodles. It’s a yummy dessert after all.
The reason for the name Cendol is because of sensation of drinking and swallowing the green worm like rice flour jelly that one feels due to which the drink looks as though it is bulky.
The best part of Cendol is yet to come i.e. it is easily available everywhere throughout Singapore, be it at the dessert stalls, food centers’, the coffee shops or the food courts in and around the streets of Singapore.
The fact that it is such a versatile dish and has such a cooling and refreshing effect, it’s a must have whenever you are in Singapore and I am sure it will delight your taste buds.
Talking and writing about this makes me want to have Cendol right away and I am sure it has made you craving too for the same.
I hope my takeaway level of a Singapore cuisine has tickled your taste senses and makes you want to know more about Singapore cuisine so don’t you forget to check out http://discover.stayfareast.com/