Hey everyone,
To start off, I guess I need to be a bit apologetic for writing a post after sometime, so the title of my post includes a favorite and common word of everyone, I am SORRY for not posting lately. As usual as my parents and friends and family would say I have a reason to be SORRY, my upcoming exams next month due to which you have been seeing and would see very little traits of the weird and normal me on my blog.
Anyways since I chose to write about this topic, let me give you my take on the word SORRY.
As I mentioned as the title of my blog “Only if SORRY could bring you happiness and joy” you all must be wondering why I would say such a sentence. The reason being pretty natural, that we all know that many a times a sorry does not heal those wounds that many of our loved ones have left behind and at times with some extra pinch of salt to worsen it.

I am a kind of a person who kind of hates the word SORRY when I know it is coming out of the mouth of a person whose facial expressions and acts are totally not so apologetic or even near to this word which can be the balm to those wounds.
SORRY is such a word which people conveniently use for any rhyme or reason without even realizing the actual meaning of this sacred word. How ironic is it when your friends push you on purpose while playing and when you get hurt and are almost on the verge of crying, will blatantly laugh it out by saying “Hey, sorry man, I never meant to hurt you, we were just calling a prank on you” and all you can do at that moment is have an anger yet okay look on your face that says “Ya right! You idiots, wait till I show you when it’s my time” Sad as I have to say, instead of the real meaning of the word sorry to heal those wounds for what it is actually meant for, it turns out to become a cause of revenge due to the human interpretation of the same.
I wonder how SORRY, sorry is because of what has happened to this poor little word because of the humans’ casual attitude towards sorry.

Many a times no matter what a person does to make you realize how SORRY they are, even with the most genuine and true feelings to it, we all know how hard it is to forget that wound just like the wound that reminds us of that first bicycle ride we fell off from.

Alas! How I wish if and only if SORRY could bring some happiness and joy, then I guess SORRY would be not so sorry and rather be happy to know that its true worth has been accomplished.