Hey everyone,
Today I would like to talk about something that we all require in our lives on constant basis to help us move ahead in life and believe in ourselves. I know you understood what I am trying to say, yea I am talking about optimism the one quality many of us lack, not because we don’t want to be optimistic but because life’s troubles in its own tsunami waves leaves us nowhere.
Being me the weird person that I am, I can be cranky at times. There are times where I am very positive and optimistic of my life and what I want to achieve and how I will with a smile, but at the same time when things don’t go my way I become a pessimist at the drop of a heart and start crying and saying Omg! I am never going to make it, I have lost and I am going to be buried in my own grave by myself ( I bet many of you would agree on me on this mood swings J especially the girls out there :p )
Today I would like to tell you a part of my life where I the cranky weird me who still I am at times found my power the force that drove me to be an optimistic person no matter how many times life’s troubles or problems tried to bring me down.
This part of my life is after I became eligible to give my Inter CA exams, yeah this two letter acronym whoever are trying to achieve in their life surely know the turbulence and depression they go through just to get these two golden letters before their name and to feel the prestige of being a CA. I had cleared my first stage and was in the inter stage of the professional course, when I took the exams not once, not twice but four times in my attempt clear this enemy that was trying to overshadow my life as my biggest enemy. We all know those video games where at the end we had the battle with the last big enemy and how we so many times after killing the enemy and almost getting that pop up you win, lose it. I bet you all know that frustration: D. My inter exams were kind of like this where I reached the end of the fight and lost it even after having  a bonus weapon in the form of an exemption paper. At last after the fourth attempt, I conquered my exams and even got through with flying colours, i.e. much more than the marks required and all I did was to look at myself and say, yup! Finally I am something.
Through all these trials and tribulations I went through there was something that I never expected to be my strength i.e. my family. They were my source of inspiration and kept me feeling optimistic in as many ways as they could whether it was making me laugh when I cried, when I was eating too much getting depressed or even when I would give up and cry, to come and give me that hug that you can do it and to remind me that my tears and handwork are worth it. Being the rebellious teenager I was, I was shocked to see how my family had accepted me with open arms and become my greatest strength with all their vibes of positivity.
Today I am in the last stage, just 2 months away from appearing for the final exams of CA, the biggest enemy being the institute which is going to give me those two elusive golden letters before my name. I don’t know what will happen when I am fighting my last battle, but I am sure of one thing that the optimism from my family will ring one bell in my head, ”The battle is not lost till it ends “ and that will keep me going ahead with a new ray of optimism every time I think of giving up.

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