So, recently I heard about this new brand of beverage by the name Paper Boat, and trust me from the time I heard the name, I kept wondering why Paper Boat? I mean what kind of a name it was for a brand that dealt with beverages.

However I was intrigued and thus I lead myself to their website where I came to know the truth behind the name Paper Boat? I shall share with you guys too.

Your first craft lesson. Your first rain when you were allowed to go out. Your first sense of accomplishment.
Your first sense of loss as it drowned. Your first life lesson about staying afloat in harsh circumstances. Your first science lesson about buoyancy.
A paper boat implies a lot of firsts.
But it also signifies a different world. With different priorities.
Maybe it implies a Tagore poem of the same name.
Or maybe it tells us that no matter who you are, where you lived or what you’ve done in your life, you know how to make a paper boat right?
So the real question is: “Why not paper boat?”
Interesting isn’t it, I too was deep in thought when I read the same, and I was like this is so awesome, because every time I sip a packet of Paper Boat juice I make new memories either with myself or my loved one’s remembering my childhood days.
Paper Boat sent me a box which was a cute little pink one, that had these cute drawings that made me go awww and reminded me of my school days. Inside it had a lovely picture of the team behind Paper Boat, a fridge magnet, a letter and their newly launched Pomegranate juice.
Pomegranate, which definitely is loved by all, because it’s misspelt all the time! It’s more commonly known as Anar and definitely every white clothing’s worst enemy.
Paper Boat Anar as their note read to me, is without fuss, frills or preservatives and reminded me also to let it chill in my fridge before I could get lost in its yummy natural taste.
It comes at an affordable cost of INR 35/- per 250 ML.
The ingredients include 60% pomegranate juice, a little bit of sugar and water, some condiments and spices, and natural and natural- identical flavoring substances.
The packaging is too cute and definitely reminds you of your good old days, and it’s easy to hold and enjoy every sip of your drink. You can also blow into it when you’re done just like you did when you were a kid. And yeah! Try bursting it too. Hehehe.
For me the taste was very close to the natural taste of pomegranate, and I found it the best and healthier alternative to aerated drinks. Also do remember to have it chilled, it’s so much more ice ice baby.
They have a lot of other variants that you can check out on their website. They are easily available in almost all general, departmental and online stores. So go ahead and grab your Paper Boat.
What I most loved about Paper Boats Company, Hector Beverages Pvt. Ltd, is their Hope Floats segment on their website. All you have to do is make a paper boat and upload the picture and for every boat they shall donate INR 20/- for children’s education.
So now I am enjoying sipping my Paper Boat Anar and watching this video by them of how to make a paper boat by a school girl so that I too can contribute to this noble cause.
You too can join me to do the same while you enjoy your choice of Paper Boat.