Hello everybody,
It’s a pleasant day today, and a pleasant day calls for some fun in the sun. However it’s surely not advisable in the current times to go out in the sun without any sun protection. I too was lazy with this particular aspect but as I grew older, I have got wiser, so today I shall be reviewing a lovely product i.e. Plum Grape Seed & Sea Buckthorn Lightstay Day Cream.

Plum Grape Seed & Sea Buckthorn Lightstay Day Cream claims:-
The perfect combination of sun protection, everyday hydration and nourishment. Blends in with a whisk, stays light, and stays long. No whiteness, no patches. Protects your skin from sun darkening and damage. Long-lasting SPF30 protection with healing sea buckthorn oil & nourishing grape seed oil. This Light Stay Day Cream is the perfect blend of natural protection, light texture and pleasant skin feel!
Price: – INR 475/- for 60ml.
Shelf Life: – 24 months.
My experience with the lightstay day cream.
I had honestly never been a big fan of creams; no matter how awesome they were or how much good it was for my skin. However things changed when I really realized its importance and felt the need to use it. The packaging is excellent and as always minimal. The cream comes in a tube with a flip flop cover which keeps the tube tightly shut when not in use.
This lightstay day cream is indeed light on the skin. It is not at all greasy and does not leave any oily or sticky feeling on the face and neck when applied. In fact it blends with the skin and leaves it hydrated and nourished. The SPF 30 is the cherry of this cream as it protects you from the sun all day long. The fragrance of the cream is also wonderful and is so soothing to the nose, that I doubt anyone would not like it. What I really loved about this cream is how within few seconds it blended with my skin and left my face and neck feeling softer and smoother. Also it left neither patches nor any whiteness, so it’s totally safe as well as awesome.

The grape seed and sea buckthorn oil together keep your skin not only sun protected, but keeps you safe from sun damage too. Also it helps in cell repair and regeneration which is required as one ages. Also as usual you can be assured that you’re not harming your skin as it is free from harmful chemicals.
A quick refresh.
1. Suitable for all skin types.
2. Lovely fragrance.
3. SPF 30 for perfect sun protection.
4. Travel Friendly.
5. Natural and free from harmful chemicals.
6. Rejuvenates and repairs skin.
7. No whiteness and no patches.
I couldn’t find any as its just perfect in every aspect I was looking for.
I am totally in love with this cream as it works excellent with my skin and also I use it a little before I apply any makeup. This is definitely finding a recurring place in my beauty box.
My rating for this product would be 5/5.
This is the best day cream with SPF 30 that I could possibly find and think of. Thanks to this cream, I have started taking good care of my skin. 😀
I hope you liked my review. If you have used this cream or use it in future do let me know your views, I would love to read them.