It’s almost the end of two months into the new year and here I am looking at my 2015 resolution list, tick marking what I have completed till now and woah! I looked at a resolution which I had to complete in succession of another resolution. Keep guessing people: D

I won’t trouble you guys any further, I shall just get to it. My resolution for this year was to learn driving before I got too old. My dad kept telling me beta when will you learn to drive and when will I sit comfortably and just enjoy the ride. Yeah my dad just wanted a personal chauffeur who he could get his work done for free..oops rings a bell right just like the Quikr Next App :D.

Being a firm believer of learning everything perfectly I enrolled myself at a prominent and well trained driving school and went through the entire process of learning the art to drive and also successfully passing my tests and obtaining a driving license. Now we come to the next part, I thought chalo now I can take my dad’s car and drive around. His super awesome Fiat Linea the very comfortable and technologically advanced sedan. But my dreams were shattered, my dad said nahi beta yeh nahi milega, first learn to drive around the busy streets of Mumbai in your old Maruti 800. Oh! poor me with a sad and puppy face I begged my dad to let me use his car, but we all know dads can be super adamant.
Being the independent person that I am and someone who loves challenges, I decided lets win this challenge. So I struggled and managed to master the art of driving in this busy city with its never bumper to bumper traffic. Mind you I finally took my dad for a ride in my Maruti 800 and finally he said waah beta you really drive well. I told him yes I am a lady and I can drive well too just like you. I thought looking at my passion my dad would show some compassion and tell me beta now you drive my Linea, but you know how dads are na, he chose to burst the bubble of my new dream too.
Sitting sad again I thought I would turn on the TV and watch some music to pep me up and it did. I saw the all new ad of Quikr which said No fikar, bech quikr. I though yaay that’s my ride , but then I told myself what if I keep getting unwanted calls to sell my car, what if people misuse my number…on and on went the thoughts and I very well knew how my dad would say totally no to me for putting up my number online, I being a girl. However to end my misery I saw the next ad of Quikr which now had a new feather in its cap it was the Quickr Next which allowed users to keep their numbers private and chat with their prospective buyers befikar and also keep a log of their chats. It was the stress free feature of buying and selling online that I had been looking out for, so I was like wow and started humming yeh! that’s my ride that’s my ride.
So finally with a puppy face and with the features of the New Quickr Next where one can chat quikr and have no fikar I am confident that I am ready to sell my Maruti 800 with ease and upgrade to a new Tata Bolt which my eyes have been continuously longing for.
If you too have similar plans then head on to Quikr either through their mobile app, mobile site or even their desktop site and put the wings to your dreams and buy that beauty you have been longing too.
I’m sure you will love it and also thank me as the Quikr next has transformed the world of classified markets giving the user full power and control by chatting at their convenience by sharing details then making that call.
PS. The Quikr Next on