Home is where the heart is, a proverb which anyone of us can relate too, after all there is nothing like one’s sweet home, isn’t it?

Our homes are an extension of us, an extension of who we are, from where we are and what we want others to think about us.

Because we want our homes to speak about us, we see to it that we are involved in every minute details of our home, whether it’s the color of the walls, the placement of things or the furniture in our homes. We want every little thing in our home to talk about the little things in us.

We all feel proud of ourselves when we have visitors at home who say OMG! Your home is done up so well, I would like to know how did you do this, that etc. etc.

Rather than having the old monotonous ideas of furniture at our homes, Asian Paints have come up with a brilliant idea of #StatementFurniture, where in every piece of our furniture is unique and different and thus is a #StatementFurniture in itself.

I was lucky enough to be called at their #ColourStoreAsianPaint, an Asian Paints Signature store at Hill Road, Bandra (West) to experience the variety of furniture that had been customized with colour on wood keeping various themes in mind.

May I say I was blown over with each and every furniture set up I had seen through the walk through, as it only kept getting better and better. It was amazing to see how detailed each furniture was and especially the part where the furniture had colour on wood making it more sophisticated and giving it that edge as well as a personal touch.

One can look through the great ideas of customized furniture at the store and scan the QR code of the furniture set up, and at the end of the furniture tour get a copy of their selections for keeps.

I also attended a very insightfully session by Deepa about how to transform your existing furniture into #StatementFurniture , who told us about how nowadays people who live in the cities or abroad want the furniture in their homes to have the same look and feel of the places they hail from.

Isn’t it always that it happens to us that we go to our hometown and a few days or weeks spent there make us wish we were there forever, and when we our back home to our hustle and bustle city lives how much we long for that hometown touch. Asian Paints has realised this urge of us and are slowly and steadily getting those little precious memories of our hometowns transformed into #StatementFurniture in our homes.

So now you can be far away from your hometown but still experience the same wistful warmth of your hometown in your homes through the Asian Paints Woodtech furniture.

Asian Paints have already started this wonderful campaign of theirs, first one being down south through the state of Kerala and the book which talks about the wonderful memories of picturesque Kerala, its traditions, the furniture, the home and its transformation into modern day furniture into our modern day city life home is titled Ormacheppu meaning memory box.

Traditional Kerala Homes
Transformed Kerala Home into a Modern City Home

They are trying to cover each and every part of our diverse country into their modern day furniture so that no matter where you are, you always feel nostalgic of the memories of your hometown and let all know where your roots are from.

Don’t you all think it’s such a lovely and special feeling to have the memories of your hometown at your homes far away so that you don’t miss your hometown?

Besides this, they also have some great ideas to transform your existing furniture into #StatementFurniture so you don’t have to throw your old piece of furniture but just see it being transformed like never before.

To know more about Asian Paints Colour on Wood you can visit their Signature Stores as well as check out the Asian Paints Woodtech Studio website.


So what are you waiting for, go ahead, get your homes revamped and see your furniture come alive as #StatementFurniture now.