Hey Everyone!
I love desserts, especially any dessert that begins with the word chocolate, many times I have had night craving for desserts but unfortunately I could never find anything in the fridge to satisfy the passion.
However some years ago, when I was still a child, I discovered the simplest recipe for dessert ever i.e. Chocolate Biscuit Balls, there are so easy and simple to make that the preparation time is as less as 15 minutes.

Obviously as I started to grow older, I got a little health conscious because it contained sugar, however to my blessing I found the best friend of sugar i.e. Sugarfree Natura and till date I enjoy my favourite dessert all the time without worrying about the health effects.
So let’s begin as I recreate and share this amazing recipe using Sugarfree Natura.
You need the following.
1. 15 Marie Biscuits.
2. 3 tablespoon of melted butter.
3. 3 tablespoon of cocoa powder.
4. 5 sachets of Sugarfree Natura.
5. 50 ml cold milk.
6. ½ teaspoon vanilla essence.
To begin, first grind the Marie biscuits in a mixer.  Next pour the powdered Marie biscuits in a bowl.
Then add the melted butter, cocoa powder and Sugarfree Natura and mix all the ingredients well. 
The entire mixture should be mixed well so that all the ingredients blend together and the mixture turns brown in color.
After the mixture has turned brown in color, add the vanilla essence and the milk and mix it well.
You will notice that the mixture begins to solidify, then using your hands make the entire mixture into a dough.
Once the dough is formed, you can begin to make small round balls from it and your delicious no bake chocolate balls are done.
You can even be a more creative, and roll the chocolate balls in desiccated coconut, chocolate sprinkles, almond powder or by just add some dry fruits on top of each of the balls.
I hope you liked this easy to make no bake chocolate biscuit ball recipe of mine. After all, what you need is just 15 minutes and you’re done.
So now don’t worry or don’t shy away from satisfying your dessert craving just because you are sugar conscious, because you have a new best friend i.e. Sugar Free Natura.
So go ahead and live life to the fullest, and make those amazing desserts with Sugar Free Natura.