Most of my folks know me and my dressing style so well that they know that I am a complete western type whether it’s my style, my clothes or even my thinking.

I had always shied away from the traditional Indian dressing, because I found them to be not only complicated but also way too much of a headache to handle.

I always used to tell my mom, in the crowded city we live in and the overly crowded trains that we travel how she can expect me to handle myself and the dupatta of my salwar suit or worst come worst handle myself in a saree! I always admired the women who managed this feat. It was like OMG! You women deserve an award because I can never pull that off!

Then came this phase of kurtis, this phase of fashion not only seemed perfect but was something that I knew I could totally rock in.

Kurtis were like the perfect clothing fashion, after all it ticked all the options of being traditional, stylish, comfortable and above all manageable.

The revolution as I would like to say of kurtis has been so amazing that you can not only wear it as a normal everyday affair but style it in such unimaginable ways that create some unique and elegant looks.

One such place where I found not only amazing designer kurtis but also great party wear kurtis is Ethnic

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They have the widest range of kurtis for every need be its casual, festive, party, designer etc. etc. You can also browse for kurtis based on your budget, colour specifications, fabric or even the type of work such as lace, crochet, print, zari etc.

Their finest range of kurtis online will definitely spoil you for choices and you would love to go on a kurtis only clothing diet just like me! After all who doesn’t love to look pretty even in traditional wear?

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It promises to get you your desired kurtis at reasonable prices to make you look unique every day. So go head and get traditionally trendy with Ethnic

Disclaimer-  Sponsored post, however my thoughts and opinions are true and honest.