Hello everyone,

I am Clementia D’Souza, your Miss WeirdAndNormal and thank you for stopping by to have a peek at my blog Miss WeirdAndNormal.

Now, for all of you who must be wondering what this name is all about, let me explain. I call myself weird and normal because I believe I am a weird gal on the run in this normal world who wants to make a difference in this world and be one of the reasons for that million dollar smile on people’s faces.

I started my blogging journey on 9th December 2014, out of frustration and tired of studying for my professional exams. Never ever did I imagine that this frustration would lead to something as beautiful as writing which makes me feel free and extremely happy.

The best part of my journey so far has been realising that my writing has made a difference to people, which has in turn has inspired me to write more and inspire more.

I blog about varied subjects close to my heart such as lifestyle, beauty, fashion, technology, finance, food, home décor etc., etc. Also at times I write about topics that are personal to me and topics which I feel need to be spoken about. Yeah! That means that the list goes on.

Want to know what being weirdly normal feels like, then check out my first post on Being Weirdly Normal and tell me what your weird notions are.

Thanks for reading my posts and being part of my big Miss WeirdAndNormal family. You can reach out to me, to say hello or if you require further information about me at missweirdandnormal@gmail.com and I shall be happy to help.

Lastly, always remember that life’s what you make it, so let’s make it as weirdly normal as we can and with a big bright smile.

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