We all have ambitious dreams and why not? After all we were always taught to “dream big”

Sadly, most of the times we hear people telling us that “dreams are only meant to be dreamt off” or the standard line that you need to be rich or someone great to accomplish these so called big dreams.

However dreams can be realized if you work hard and device a plan for it.

One such plan for making those dreams realistic is not only about saving but learning to start investing early and investing right.

Unfortunately, we start investing only when we are forced to invest for either tax benefits or when we suddenly feel the urge to.

Quite often our investments are based on the money left after we have paid off all our liabilities and expenditures for personal enjoyment.

A smart move to inculcate a habit of savings in order to turn them into fruitful investments is to first decide a certain amount for the same and then only spend the balance.

One of the topmost options for investing is to invest in Mutual Funds. Mutual funds is not a complicated thing to understand. It’s an investment scheme which is professionally managed by  Experts

Mutual funds are not only about the equity market, but also about debt funds and liquid funds. The percentage of the asset class depends totally on the scheme you are investing in.

In order to break the myth that Mutual Funds means only equity funds and to educate investors more about the benefits and need to invest in mutual funds Reliance Mutual fund has come with the concept of Mutual Fund Day.

Since March 2017, the 7th of every month is celebrated as Mutual Fund day, wherein we are educated more and more about mutual funds and are motivated to invest regularly which will eventually be our journey to prosperity.

Reliance Mutual fund has various investor awareness camps that anyone can attend on the 7th of every month in order to gain better understanding of mutual funds.

They also have a very innovative idea called the Fund for a Friend wherein you take a short quiz for your friend by answering some question regarding their spending habits and life. It deduces the type of investor they are and suggests appropriate investment options for them.

I myself took the quiz for my friend and was amazed by the results and I am sure it will help my friend to invest wisely.

It’s essential that one knows correctly about mutual funds rather than make a general assumption and not invest due to the same.

Mutual fund day is an eye opener and helps us know about the benefits that accrue by investing in mutual fund.