Now-a-days a woman’s world not only revolves around family life but also includes her professional life. Being in the 21st century, lots have changed, women have been responsible for some great achievements, and thus to achieve greater things, a woman has to travel.
Irrespective of whether she is travelling or not, she is often caught up in some uncomfortable situations, which pose a threat to her hygiene. Thus there is the need for some really good sanitation essentials that will keep her cool, calm and comfortable always.

First Step Projects have given their all in trying to innovative and make life of a woman easy as she takes on various roles. How beautifully they do it, and so they came up with these 3 amazing sanitation essentials, which according to me is a must have in every woman’s bag.
1. INWI- Intimate Wipes.
I had received this in my Being Juliet subscription box, and from then on it’s been a blessing. You can use them on intimate areas including under arms, breast and bikini area. They leave you refreshed instantly. The wipes are hypoallergenic and also contain fruit extracts to leave you refreshed and moist. So now you can carry this and feel clean and refreshed always.
Price- INR 75/- for 10 wipes. (Buy here)
Shelf Life- 24 months.
2.  Pee- Buddy- Disposable Urinary Funnel.
I have a certain kind of phobia, due to which I refrain from using public toilets. It’s like a nightmare for me if I have to use public toilets, because the n number of thoughts which goes on in my mind regarding its hygiene can really make me faint. The times I have used public toilets in do or die situations have not been quite good, it’s a bad dream I never would want to recall.
Now I have the freedom to pee at public toilets thanks to this revolutionary product called Pee- Buddy. As rightly as printed on the pack it’s indeed a Girl’s Best Friend for unfriendly toilets. So now you have the freedom to stand and pee.
This product is made from coated paper (waterproof) for urinating in public/dirty toilets. So now be it airports, hospitals, highways, railway stations, you need not worry anymore. It also helps a lot of medically unfit women like pregnant women and those suffering from joint pains. Since they are disposable too, there is absolutely no issue of being unhygienic.
Price- INR 120/- for Pack of 5 (Buy here)
Shelf Life- 36 months.
You can watch this lovely video to understand better how to use your new best friend Pee-Buddy.
3. I Love Clean Disposal Bags.
Ever been stuck in a situation where you want to dispose of intimate care products, and you can’t find the right bag to dispose it off. Don’t worry anymore I Love Clean Disposal Bags is here to help you. So now you can dispose of all those intimate care and other general products without catching anyone’s attention. The best part is these bags are big enough to dispose things as well but still so thin that 10 rolls of these bags fit in a cute little box.
Price- INR 54/- for 10 Bags. (Buy here)
Shelf Life- 36 months.
These three products according to me are more of a necessity than essentials for me, because for a person like me who is on the move always, these sanitation products are a blessing in disguise. Thanks to First Step Projects I will be much happier now.
Do let me know if there are such sanitation essentials that you know of and are a must in today’s time, I would love to hear about them and try them too. 
Disclaimer- PR Sample, however my opinion is true and honest.