Hey guys,

This is my first haul post. Hehehe.

I am a total online shopping person and shop a lot month after month. It’s like I always find some or the other weird reason to shop something online.

Over the past year I have moved towards a lot of vegan organic brands when it comes to shopping for cosmetics, or brands that don’t contain parabens or SLS.

Soulflower has been a brand that is very close to my heart as I have always loved them for years.

Soulflower runs on their love for variety of things like fresh and organic, aroma, nature, handmade, animals, quality, customers, spreading happiness etc.etc.

I started using a lot of Soulflower products a year back when I was gifted a set of their lavender range.

Lavender is my favourite and I love it, simply because it doesn’t irritate my nose, rather soothes me considering the fact that I have a very sensitive nose.

I have issues with most of the floral fragrances or strong scents as I immediately get a headache.

Soulflower being a vegan organic brand makes such lovely products ranging from soaps, bath salts, essential oils, aroma oil, carrier oil, roll ons and massage oils.

All their products are handmade and the fragrances of the products are not only natural but I bet they can never irritate any one’s nose, since they do not irritate my sensitive nose at all.

Also their products definitely stand up to the claims they state. I have been using the soaps, bath salts and massage oils and I am totally in love with them.

The Black Friday that just went, Soulflower had some amazing offers that I couldn’t resist taking advantage of.

One of the their most interesting and jaw dropping offers were a variety of soaps on 50% discount, yes, yes you heard me right. 😀

So I went ahead and bought the following soaps to try.

1.Soulflower Bite Me Chocolate Bath Soap
2. Soulflower One Man Soap
3. Soulflower  Lemon Ginger Immune Boost Soap
4. Soulflower L For Lemongrass Soap
5. Soulflower Let Your Hair Down Shampoo Bar
6. Soulflower Tea Tree Soap

I already had the Soulflower L for Lemongrass Soap which I have used and love it as well as Soulflower Juicy Red Tomato Soap which I am yet to try out.


What I loved about shopping during this huge sale was that none of the soaps that I received were old stock, all were freshly manufactured either in the same month or a month prior.

I am truly excited to try these different varieties of soaps and have a lovely Soulflower experience.

Do let me know in the comments below if you have used Soulflower products and your experience of the same and also if you would love to give them a try. 😀

Disclaimer- This is not a sponsored post.