Hello everyone,
I hope the little showers of the rains have brought some hope and enabled to cool off the hotness we all have been experiencing. I really love the smell of the mud during the first rain; it just passes a stream of excitement in my veins.
Today I thought I shall introduce you all to a brand that is currently the talk of the town for a lot of reasons; the brand is none another than Plum Goodness with their tagline of “be good” and it is most popularly known as Plum.
This brand was born in 2013, inspired by global best practices in safe natural cosmetics and beauty solutions. They term their brand as a marriage between science and product expertise with innate love for nature.
Their products are cruelty free, and they say no to parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, SLS, DEA and PABA. They believe in the no false promises and claims. Also, as a CSR initiative, they donate 1% of their sales to non-profit organizations dedicated to protecting the environment. This is one of the best initiatives I came across, because it does make you feel you are giving back to the environment, no matter how small the contribution may be. 😀

Their packaging is something that everyone would love considering the design and colors they chose both inside and outside the box. They use recyclable packaging and don’t use more packaging than is necessary. You can see the pic below to see how lovely the inside of the packaging looks. 😀
The most wonderful thing I loved about this brand is that they say a strict no to fairness creams. They have never sold and would never ever sell skin whitening products. And their reasoning, –  it is to respect diversity and to protect natural skin.
There is so much goodness about Plum that it makes everyone ‘be good’.
I shall be reviewing the following products of Plum shortly.
1. Plum Grape Seed & Sea Buckthorn Mild Foam Scrub
2. Plum Grape Seed & Sea Buckthorn Lightstay Day Cream.
Till I am back with my review, do check their lovely YouTube video of Plum that I fell in love with because it so well explains their 5 laws of goodness, I bet you would fall in love with it too, so make sure to have a look and check out their products on  their website http://plumgoodness.com/  You can also buy their products on their website as well as on www.amazon.in and on www.flipkart.com
Till then be good and feel good.