Hey everyone,
So Sundays are usually my lazy days, where all I do is sleep and sleep or watch some of my favourite English TV sitcoms. However this Sunday was different as I had to get out of my comfort zone and attend my first Indiblogger meet in association with Tata Sky, to experience something new up the sleeve to be held at the Palladium Hotel, now known as St. Regis at Lower Parel.
So as I reached the venue, and completed the formalities of the registration for the meet, I took a front seat in the hall. I was excited about the launch, as when I was searching for my place for my comfortable seat, I could hear other bloggers like me guessing what this entire launch was about, as the only thing we knew was Tata Sky+ Transfer.

The event began with a pumping synchronized action done by us all Indibloggers as suggested by the host to kick start the event. After a few introductions, the show was taken over by Ankit of Gadwalla, who too gave us a slight clue about the launch, and how excited and enthralled he was of this new feature of the all new Tata Sky. He then let the famous dance group Illuminati take over the stage and explain to us all what this close guarded new secret was, in their own unique light and sound show.
Illuminati did an outstanding job by explaining the entire concept of the all new Tata Sky+ Transfer through their show. The audience was in awe of the performance and was all geared up and excited to know more and more about the Transfer feature.
So what’s this all new transfer feature all about, was explained to us in a presentation and our queries answered by their experts. To enjoy the all new Tata Sky+ Transfer feature one must upgrade their current set top box to the new one which is 3D ready. Besides this you need to download the Tata Sky app on your mobiles or tablets, which is currently supported only for Android and IOS.
So once these steps are done, fret no more about missing your favourite show, just hit the app on your phone or tablet to record the show, remember your set up box should be kept on. You can place your request for the recording well in advance too from virtually anywhere and everywhere, and you can record not one but more than one show at the same time. So now once you back connect your phone and Tata Sky + Transfer box to your home Wifi, all you have to do is click on the transfer option in your app, and voila the setup box will now prepare the recorded show for transfer. Once it’s done with the preparation will then transfer the recorded show to your mobile or tablet. Cool isn’t it, so now you can have your favourite show on the go anywhere anytime, you can enjoy the true experience of watching the show on TV now on your tablet or mobiles.
The Tata Sky+Transfer set up box has a 500 GB inbuilt storage capacity, so you don’t need to worry of not being able to record all the shows you may miss. Tata Sky truly has been pioneers in bringing innovative ideas in the TV segment.
The meet concluded with an amazing dinner and great memories to take back at the beach location photo booth.

If you want to know more about the Tata Sky + Transfer set up box visit their website and go place your order right away.