Hey everyone!

From my previous posts on tech you must have known that I am a tech freak, and how technology and anything related to technology makes me super-duper happy.

I love smartphones because they make my demanding life’s commitments easy to handle. But wait, what about the times when I just want to entertain myself to the maximum and enjoy the comfort and feeling of the extra-large effect on my smartphone. Nah! Any smartphone surely fails in that department. But yay! I got my new best friend not only for myself but my smartphone too. Don’t worry you can have it too and here’s how.

My new best friend is the Asus Zenpad 7.0 Z370CG and here are the reasons why I love it so much and I bet you would too.

1.Processor – It has a power packed processor, which runs on Intel Atom x3-C3230 Quad Core Processor, 64-bit, support 3D graphics and has a memory of 64-bit Dual Channel LPDDR3 2GB RAM. It runs on the 5.0 Lollipop android software having the ASUS Zen UI interface as well. So absolutely no worry of lagging apps, or crashing issues. It works as smooth as butter even for your gaming experience. I experienced great fluidity while doing various tasks.

2. Storage – What’s the use of such a power packed processor if you don’t have storage to test its performance. Fret not, it comes with a 16GB inbuilt storage that is expandable to 64GB. If that’s not all, you get 5GB ASUS Web Storage space for life; with an additional 11GB for 1st year. Also 100GB of Google Drive space for 2 years, once on your Google account.

3. Battery – A great processor and great storage capacity, so to have the best out of your tablet you need to have great battery life, and yes the Zenpad surely delivers in this department too. It has a 3450mAh Li-polymer battery that runs for 8hrs without worry. So go ahead and watch your favourite movies back to back.

4. Display – Finally the display, with all the amazing hardware and software it possesses, it comes with an 17.7 cm (7) Super Bright IPS HD WXGA(1280 x 800), 216 Pixel per inch with ASUS Tru2Life technology and ASUS Truvivid Full lamination technology.

The IPS display makes the device look great from all viewing angles. It also has Corning Gorilla Glass which according to me is a must no matter what. It’s a treat to watch movies on the tablet as well as see the pictures come to life and look amazing with the Tru2Life Technology.

It has this unique Bluelight Filter which when switched on the tablet, combats eye fatigue by reducing the blue light emission by around 30% without disturbing the rest of the color balance.

5. Network and Connectivity – It has Bluetooth v4.0 with A2DP, Wi-Fi Direct and Support Miracast. Also for all those who want calling features on their tablet, this baby supports 3G network which can be activated by inserting a micro SIM card and voila your Zenpad is a phone too.

6. Camera – For all those of you like me who expect a lot from your tablet with respect to camera especially selfies don’t worry, it has a 2MP front facing camera with the amazing ASUS Beautification mode and the all new Selfie Panorama mode; so now no one is cut off in the group selfie no matter how big your group is. It has a rear 8MP auto-focus camera with Pixel Master for brighter photo & Video up to 400%. It also has the manual mode and various other modes so that you can get that perfect picture your way.

One thing I was disappointed was that the rear camera did not have a flash; I personally felt that the flash would have given it that extra edge.

7. Design – The design of the Zenpad is one of a kind, it has the audio jack on the top, USB port below and the volume and lock button at the right hand side. At the back you have a premium leather finish cover that makes the Zenpad not only look desirable but also gives it a smooth finish and makes it easy to hold. Its light weight too as it is just 272g.

Also, it’s the World’s first tablet with interchangeable add-ons to enhance the battery through the ASUS Power case and the sound through the Audio Cover.

8. Audio Cover – It has 1 x Front Speaker with dts HD Premium Sound, if you want to make your audio experience phenomenal, then you have to use the all new ASUS Audio Cover with your Zenpad.

This is the one must have accessory according to me for your Zenpad. It not only acts as a cover for protection, but a stand as well for your Zenpad while it magnifies the audio experience like never before with the 5.1 surround sound and DTS-HD Premium sound.

The Audio cover delivers the ultimate sound experience through the 4 main channel speakers, one center speaker and a subwoofer all housed in one single strip. It has an inbuilt battery of 6 hours, which can be charged separately through the charging dongle or directly through the USB of the Zenpad when it’s mounted on it.

Also due to the sensor of the Zenpad once the audio cover is on, you don’t need to lock and unlock the Zenpad, it automatically unlocks and locks when you open or close the cover.

The audio cover comes in two colors i.e. Black or White. The only issue one may face is the extra weight of the audio cover.

I truly loved the Audio Cover as it’s a perfect fashion statement considering the leather finish that it has making it super stylish. I couldn’t stop posing with the same. 😀

These are the reasons I love my new best friend as it has made my entertainment life fully enjoyable and at the same time being super stylish.

The Zenpad 7.0 Z370CG comes with a charger and USB cable. It comes in two colors i.e. Black and Aurora Metalic. It’s priced at INR 14,999/- with audio cover and 11,999/- without it.

My rating for the Zenpad 7.0 Z370CG is 4.5/5.

I hope you liked my review on my new best friend, do let me know what you think of the Zenpad 7.0 Z370CG.

Disclaimer- Product sent by brand for consideration, however my opinions are true and honest.