Lisa Ling said “The best education I received was through travel” How true is this statement, as we don’t know what life’s worth unless we have travelled.

What’s the use of saving and hoarding all the money we have earned if we don’t spend it on exploring the beautiful world created by God?

His works are so marvellous that even our expensive and technologically advanced gadgets fail to capture the same what our eyes capture that leaves a lasting effect on us.

Our country India is a land so picturesque we often fail to explore our motherland and rush to explore places abroad.

Some of the beautiful places in India have been termed as heaven on earth and are visited more by foreigners than we its children.

One can travel to these beautiful and exotic locations in India, by various modes of transport such as road, waterways, railways, and airways.

While the latter is not only comfortable and expensive, my favourite way of traveling in India has always been the railways. Simply because it gives me the “Made in India for India feeling” of travel.

Many of you would not agree with me on the same, simply because you would say I don’t understand the hassles one has to go through in terms of the worries and the stress of getting a train ticket irrespective whether it is well in advance or on the nick of time.

You would rather spend some more money on getting things done easily, simply because you look forward to spending some quality time either visiting your family, friends or a new location.

As rightly said, the first impression is the last impression; you would want the start to be good so that the end is good too.

However, you would be surprised to know that you have the easiest solution to this problem. How am I saying this, you wonder? have you not heard about “Paytmkaro”

Yes! My friends this very digital wallet that you use so frequently has come to your rescue of railway booking as well.

How do I know this? Because I tried this myself, and wow! I was stunned at how quickly I got everything done.

So, before I go all gaga about how I booked my train tickets to my next holiday location in India. Here are the things you didn’t know Paytm could do.

  1. Time being precious to both you and me, I booked my tickets within a few Simply because I had loaded my wallet earlier for smooth process. 😉

  2. A 24/7 helpline number i.e. 9555395553 is set up just to handle all your ticket queries, booking, cancellation, and refund.
  3. In case of any booking failure, money is credited to your wallet within 15 minutes so that you can book again and in case of cancellation it is credited back to your original payment method in 7-10 days.

    Aren’t the above features everything that you need to travel stress-free? The entire process is not only smooth but also makes one look forward to their trip.

    So, head out, aur sirf #Paytmkaro and enjoy your next trip visiting friends, family or a new location in India stress-free.