Oh! In this hustle and bustle of life, how often we wish, that everything we plan to do gets done in a jiffy.

Alas! However that is just a dream, a dream that cannot be accomplished as fast as it can be in a dream.

This dream of getting things done fast is 90% of the times never possible when it comes to renovating and redecorating our house that we call our homes.

To let me introduced into a new innovation of getting things done in an express way, I was invited to an Indiblogger meet to experience Berger Paints new painting service “Berger Express Painting” #BergerXP

This was my second Indiblogger meet and it was held at Taj Vivanta, Mumbai. It started off with us getting to know fellow indibloggers over lunch that was delicious. It’s always been a pleasure to meet fellow and new Indibloggers.

We then moved over to the conference hall where the Indi meet would begin, the hall was decorated in a way to make you feel that it was all about paint and how to express through it.

The enthusiastic Anoop was our host for the day, who with his energy made the entire hall lively. He started the meet with an all new Egyptian style dance musical chair which was funny.

The best part about this game was that there were no winners or losers, as the winners got a T-shirt and the loser got to strike a pose with Nihal from Indiblogger. 😉

After the lively game session, Chandranath Banerjee, the Service Head for Berger Express Painting took over to brief us about Berger and about the new launch “Berger Express Painting”

Berger being an innovation driven organization took the painting process a notch higher with the express painting launch. This new innovation is here to aid you with your renovations and re-decorations in an express way.

The all new “Berger Express Painting” has tools designed specifically to make the process of painting faster and hassle-free, thus making painting now an enjoyable experience!

This new technology has the following features:-

  1. 40 % faster painting than traditional ones.
  2. Trained painters for efficient and better painting.
  3. Sparkling results with no-mess tools.
  4. Cutting-edge vacuum suction-enabled sanding machines that keep your house dust-free.
  5. Guaranteed better coverage and smoothness each time.
  6. Certified tools that ensure a better finish with high efficiency.

All these amazing features are available at no extra cost.

I personally remember how annoyed I would get when I would know that the painting of my home would take days and the amount of dust that would get accumulated.

I also would get worried as I would get sick because of the dust and the paint work. Also the chaos that’s created is another story.

To let us get a taste of the painting process we had a small sandpaper challenge. We did this activity in groups of 8; I was a part of #TeamBetter along with Sanjay, Monish, Sheetal, Yamini, Prerna, Ankit and Jay.

For the sandpaper activity we had to cover our heads, gloves in our hands and mask our face, definitely looked like surgeons up for a surgery. 😛 Through this challenge of smoothing the block of wood with sandpaper we realized how difficult, time consuming and messy it was.

This is one of the reasons why Berger Paints came out with the Berger Express Painting service to make life easier of painting walls through the new equipment’s such as

  1. Sanding machine which provides a faster and cleaner, dust-free vacuum function, and regulated speeds
  2. Multipurpose mixer for a quick and hassle-free mixing at regulated speeds for putty and texture mixing
  3. Airless paint sprayer for quick application and uniform finish and which supports water-based paints and primer.
  4. High pressure washer providing hi-speed pressure wash with a pressure regulator and nozzle adjustment.
  5. Auto roller an adjustable roller for automatic paint pumping to provide a superior finish.

The upgrades definitely make the painting process feel like a T-20 match, which is their USP.

To express ourselves with paints we also had a cool painting activity wherein our team decided to show our love for Mumbai through our topic “My Mumbai” in 30 minutes.

Mr. Chandranath Banerjee gave us a brief on how to mix the primer, paints and water to get the desired texture for our paintings.

It was a pleasure to see the outcome of our painting as well as the other teams. It was a creative outburst on the theme of Mumbai through the eyes of each team.

All teams gave a short description of each of their depictions and it was a treat to witness the love we all had for Mumbai- The city that never sleeps.

Throughout the event we all got an opportunity to win vouchers through tweet for the day, innovative tweets, photo tweets, tweet king, sandpaper challenge, painting activity etc.

All in all it was a fun-filled event which like the all new Berger Express Painting service let us all be expressive in our own paintings.

Disclaimer:- Service recommended for review; however my opinion and thoughts are true and honest.