What makes life interesting is its uncertainty.

When we are young we are in awe of our unpredictable surroundings, the adventure called life astounds us; however, as we grow older we want things to be more predictable, safer and less risky but we also want life to be interesting at the same time!

With every stage of life, we find our needs changing and increasing; we all want that big house, a vacation to some faraway exotic heaven, elite education opportunities for our children, access to best healthcare and a peaceful retirement.

The cynical side of you might grumble thinking “You can’t have it all!” but what if there is a way and you can? 

Knowing our individual needs and mapping out a path to achieve those needs is basically what good planning is about, and planning is everything if we want to transform the odds in our favor; but then again as the famous cartoonist Allen Saunders said – “Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.”

So is there really a plan guaranteed to work for us? 

Nobody likes to live in fear of the unknown or feeling helpless. So how do we achieve the pleasures of carefree living, whilst being ready for the next curve ball life might throw at us?

You don’t necessarily have to have the heart of a tiger and plunge into the stock market to make your money grow. Not everybody wants to be the “Wolf of Wall street”; most of us are by nature risk averse. Although “high risk – high return” seems appealing it isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, either due to age or purpose of need.

Most of us just want our money to work for us – principal protection, assured guaranteed returns and of course Tax benefits because Tax planning is the key to saving more.  With people opting for early retirements and increasing longevity of human life, it is of utmost importance to ensure we don’t outlive our money.  The key is to start saving early so as to enjoy the deferred income benefits when you most need them.


But can one product deliver all these needs?

Edelweiss Tokio Life has taken up this challenging task with its Edelweiss Tokio Life GCAP insurance product; an avenue for guaranteed returns that ensures you are able to accumulate and enhance your wealth in the long term regardless of the market environment.

With a mission statement to put consumer needs first – “Insurance se bhadkar hai aapki zaroorat”, they aim to provide the best available solution to meet every individual’s specific needs.

 It’s not just a plain vanilla insurance scheme; it’s a customized investment experience that helps you plan for life while leaving room for modifications through various add-on riders. Promising guaranteed rate of returns, loyalty additions and fantastic Tax benefits [80C and 10 (10D)], encompassing changing needs as life progresses.


Be it a planned vacation or an unforeseeable setback, with Policy Loan option, free look period and enhanced protection GCap has got your back through the thick and the thin; after all an insurance product must be capable of accommodating your needs for you to really feel secured.  

Maybe we’ll never figure out life’s algorithm and it will forever elude us, but with Edelweiss Tokio Life GCAP we can be prepared to embrace uncertainty and enjoy living carefree on this rollercoaster called life.