Good morning everyone,
It’s a bright winter’s day, and even though the nights are longer and the days are shorter these days, this doesn’t stop me from making my good mornings into gold mornings.
Honestly speaking I am not an early riser, I am the owl that stays awake at night but sleeps during the day all because I live in a city that never sleeps. Hehehe! Just joking everyone, this happens only sometimes, though how I wish I could be an owl forever and the entire universe too became like me.

Unfortunately I run the world only in my life but not for the world at large so I do have to have my sets of good mornings every day, so that I can live my life doing what I love and see my near and dear ones happy.
But what is a morning if it’s only good, it sounds so normal and the weird I just can’t accept that so I try to see to it that every morning I wake up to a gold morning.
I have some simple mantras that I believe in and some tips for myself to make my mornings a golden one.
I believe in the fact that every morning is a new day, a new adventure and a new lease of life, so my dear God is thanked first for letting me wake up to another beautiful day. Once I have got up from my bed and yawned and stretched to glory, I do my morning routine of getting ready by brushing my teeth, drinking a glass of milk and then hitting the gym for that pumping dose of energy that I require for the day and to keep myself healthy and fit.

Once I am back from the gym, I freshen up, eat my yummy breakfast and get ready to go to work. To avoid mornings at the office be a bad day with my clients or my colleagues, every night before I sleep I make a to- do list for the next day, so that I am well prepared in advance as well as happy go lucky during the start of my day than grumpy and sad with work all over me.

I believe that the mood we wake up in the morning determines as to how our entire day will pass. So the day before if I have any arguments or sadness or an emotional overdose of things, I see to it that the feelings and emotions are a closed chapter of the day before I hit the bed. It’s always good to bury the hatchet in the night before you sleep so that you have a peaceful sleep.
Also in the tech-savvy world we live in, I make sure that my phone is not only miles away from me but is switched off to the world just as I am switched off to the world when I am asleep.
However these days I have a new friend who helps me wake up to a gold morning everyday it’s the Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold that has and will continue letting me have #Colgate360GoldMornings.
I shared my mantras and tips for a Gold Morning what are yours do let me know how you too change your good mornings into Gold Mornings.