Hey everyone,
I hope my last post on optimism has made some serious impact and made you an optimistic person in a little way possible. Today I would like to share with you all, the very important part of my life which helped me start a new life on my own terms and conditions, owing to which I am what I am today.
This dates back to the time when my SSC exam results were out. I still remember that day, how my parents were proud as I had scored an outstanding 86% and was among the top 10 rankers of the school. That day I even surprised as I had shocked myself with my hard work and determination considering the lazy person that I am.
After the results, looking at my scores, the next big decision had to be made, i.e. commerce, science or arts. My scores were great for commerce and science so it was obvious the decision would be in these two streams. Joining in to complicate the decision was my entire box full of relatives. Being brought up in a family where almost all of them are qualified engineers and doctors, the only advice my ears heard was science with a probable career in it.
Unfortunately or fortunately, being a rebel that I am and a person who makes her own choices, I said, let me go for commerce since I had heard that I could make my career in the same by becoming a CA. My friends were against this idea as they all knew the kind of hard work which was required for this field right from the 11th grade and what did lazy kids like me and my friends wanted to do was just to enjoy life to the fullest. One of the obvious reasons for me choosing to do CA was my research which highlighted to points that I was looking out for. The first one being no retirement age and the second being “Be your own Boss”. I knew that someday I would settle down in life having my own family and these points would definitely work in my favour.
To my luck, my parents supported my decision even though my entire family was not so keen on it. I being no less of a person who loves teaching a lesson to people, said to myself “wait till I will show you all and become a CA”.
Years went and I was on track, as life has its own ups and downs and we all know how CA exams are. I had a bad ‘Humpty dumpty had a great fall’ moment, however we all know when one door closes another opens up. Mine opened up too. Since the fall was after completing my graduation, my skills, my excellent grades and my practical knowledge landed me a well-paid job in a MNC and life seemed good again. We all know how the same people who had objected to your choice raise their voices when you fall down, and yes that did happen but the voices were not so loud because I had secured myself a plump job.
Life is a bitch..hehehe! we all say that don’t we 😛 So life played a turnaround game on me too. I cleared my inter CA exams and then came another decision that was whether to leave my well paid job and be crucified in a 3 year internship with a stipend in which the yearly income was not even 10% of my pay package. The voices of my enemies again became louder as they started howling and yelling that what a dumb person I was to even think of what I was about to do and mess up my life ahead knowing that my future in this company was bright and well settled.
Looking back, I can only laugh as I did what I wanted to do, I wanted to start a new life on my terms and conditions and if at all there would be any loss or profit, I wanted to debit or credit the same to the balance sheet of my life to know my real net worth.
I am now in the last stage of my Journey of becoming a CA and I hope to be an inspiration to all those of you out there who want to start a new life on their own irrespective of whether it is you making a career choice, leaving your job for your passion, moving cities for that dream job, moving ahead in life or even buying your dream house that you have always wanted to call your home.
The dogs in life will always keep barking, it’s upon us to give it a deaf ear and #StartANewLife.
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