Hey everyone,
Over the last few posts I have been giving you doses of my personal life. So today I thought why not tell you something that I personally do to de-stress and #SlowDownZindagi when I am all stressed out.
Once upon a time, life was absolutely stress free with no tension of job, money, career or must I say no stress of life at all. However with growing times with technology and all the quick benefits of life we all are so well accustomed with the word “stress” from the time we know what it means.

I do have a stressful life too; actually who doesn’t have these day, and if  I had to say I didn’t, I would have to consider myself God, which I am definitely sure, I am not. 😛
Anyways, let me get to the point. I shall now share with you my 5 quick fixes to #SlowDownZindagi.
1.      Playing with children: – My topmost fix. Ah! How I love kids. I can spend hours and hours together playing with them, reading a book to them, singing and dancing to the nursery rhymes with them. We all know how these little toddlers can teach you so many things in life. Especially their no fikar just be happy faces 😀

2.      Listening to Music:- I love music to the core, especially the English songs. It helps me elevate my mood when I am sad as well as when I want to just get rid of all the tension of work and studies. It just peps me up and make me dance to the beats.

3.      Blogging- My new found love, yes you heard me right! I really get this kind of inner peace when I write something. I always have a positive feeling that maybe someone will benefit and would be motivated from what I write in any small way. 🙂

4.      Teaching: – Another part of my life which I guess I have inherited from my family. No matter how tiring a day I may have, I am totally stress-free when I am teaching. I love the fact that I can share my knowledge with my students as well as learn from them so many things as well be proud of their achievements.

5.      Playing Contest:-Hahaha! You people may laugh at me at this probably odd choice of mine 😛 But yeah playing contest and tweeting within 140 characters with a #Hashtag allows me to explore the creativity in me and oh! Yeah!, winning them at times is the cherry on my cheesecake. 😀

I hope you guys had fun reading and pondering about my 5 quick fixes to #SlowDownZindagi when you know it’s too much to handle.
I am sure you guys too have your quick fixes to de-stress and #SlowDownZindagi, I would love to hear them and also try them out so don’t forget to leave a comment below and you may just win vouchers. 😀
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