How often we make choices of life by choosing one option or the other.We never even let the thought of this and that cross our mind.
The answer to this question is that we don’t let are minds test the capabilities of our very being to follow our passion as well as our professional life. We all are happy with the OR option after all we all love the status quo.
However the little me always begged to differ. I just didn’t want to be beautiful. I wanted to be beautiful and smart, not just normal but weird and normal.

My journey in life has been a bumpy one, but at this moment it is in the right gear and the right speed.
I remember after my 10th grade I wanted to do journalism and be a writer for a children’s paper, but I was worried that I may be not good at it. I thought they needed a person well versed with vocabulary and the mother of dictionary. So as I was not a pro in that category I decided to shift over and pursue a career in the other thing I was good at “numbers”
I finally took up commerce in college and started pursuing a career in Chartered Accountancy, honestly the sole reason being I would be an independent woman and because of the no retirement age (there you go the independent me just shouted out loud 😛 )
Today I am in the final stages of my Chartered Accountancy course, in fact just a few months away from giving my final exams and becoming a CA (fingers crossed). However during my study leave from last December the writer in me that had probably lost its way suddenly came to light. All of a sudden I wanted to write and so here I am following my passion of writing by blogging.  After all better late then never 😀
Today I feel proud of myself as I won’t think of myself as a CA or a writer, but as a CA and a writer. All this because I finally decided to not choose one thing but to scribble the “OR” and to replace it with an “AND”
I am sure many of you out there chose to edit your life with the word “and” over the “or”. If you have do tell me about your journey from “OR” to “AND”
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