Hello people,
After writing about my story from OR to AND, I decided it’s time to write about the person who has is and will always be my inspiration and who helped me graduate over the OR to AND.
This inspirational woman I am talking about is none other than my mother who is not only a mom but a teacher too.

Very often we say that woman can only do one work at a time, but in all this we forget that our mothers at home actually prove us wrong in this regard.
My mom is a mathematics teacher of the 9th and 10th grade (yeah !now you know from where my calculative brains came from 😛 . As her students describe her she is a fun loving yet strict teacher who they can talk to about anything as well as the one who makes mathematics as easy as possible to them. At home my mom is a loving mother to her kids who not only pampers us too much but also sees to it that our discipline is in check 😛
I admire my mother because she multitasks her duties with so much efficiency that  she never even complains that she is tired of work or is fed up of fulfilling our tummy wishes.

We all have put the AND in our life by following our passion and profession.  But we all have totally forgotten the very dear mothers at our homes who have sacrificed their lives for us to take care of the needs of the various people at home, whether it is her husband, children or in-laws as well as balance their professional lives to utter perfection.

My mom inspires me to be a woman of substance and to always have the AND in my life.
It’s time we give a hug and say thank you to our mothers who are the first inspiration for our journey from OR to AND.
A special message from my mom which she loves to show off by flaunting her favourite tee 😀
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