It’s said, women complain about everything in life and are often referred to as crybabies.

But alas! Men will never understand the crying completely till they sit to do the most important job that a woman does, i.e. managing a home.

Approximately 70% of the complaints of women are w.r.t housework and the thing that tops this discussion is “My maid didn’t come today” “My maid is on leave” “My maid keeps taking leaves” “My maid doesn’t do her job well”

Coincidentally, you may say all these incidents seem to happen the day you need your maid the most to help you.

The day may either be a hectic one for you or may be an important occasion or festival that you plan to celebrate. Just the fact that your maid is not around to help you makes your day go topsy-turvy and you get irritated, frustrated etc.etc.

All you wish on these days is for you to have Vicky the robot from the famous TV show Small Wonder or a Jeanie to grant your wishes.

Finding a solution to women’s biggest complaint about I don’t have a maid to help me is the new household help service called “My Didi”

My Didi is an on demand maid and home cleaning service currently available in Mumbai and Thane city but with future expansion plans across the country.

The goodwill of this service according to me is the fact that they don’t call the helpers “maids” but “didis” which means sisters in English and in India people generally prefer to address ladies as didis.

Calling them Didis thus proves that the company itself has high respect for the women working with them which ultimately spreads a feeling of respect to one another among the didis as well as the people who book their on demand services.

This is how the on demand service of My Didi works :-

My Didi

The didis are professional and friendly as they are handpicked for their ability, experience and the fact that they are the best at the job they do. These didis are also trained from time to time to ensure quality of service.

Below is the rate card of their services :-

My Didi Rate Card

So I downloaded the My Didi app from the Google Play store and filled up my details and booked an appointment for regular household cleaning for the next day.

The Didi arrived at the given time slot and was very courteous while greeting me. The didis bring along their own cleaning kit but if you want them to any products you own they will use that too.



I told my didi to clean the bathroom and kitchen of the house and so she began by cleaning my bathroom.

She used her own cleaning products for cleaning the bathroom, which she did within half hour and then moved on to clean a portion of the kitchen which too she completed in the balance half hour.




As I watched my didi do all the work I could clearly make out that she was experienced and knew how to do her work well. She was totally engrossed and engaged in getting her work done and made the place clean and tidy.



Since it is an on demand service, the didi logs in the app on her phone to intimate the start of the service as well as logs out on completion of service. So say your work got completed in 1hr. and 3 minutes you pay only for 1hr. 3 minutes.

You may pay for the services either through online transfer, cash or by Cheque. Also if you want to cancel the service you booked for you can do that 2 hours prior to avoid cancellation charges.

The didis don’t expect or demand for tips but rather expect you to honestly give them your opinions and suggestions regarding the services they rendered for their improvement.

I was truly happy with my didis service and was glad that I didn’t need to worry anymore about me missing my maid or her being on leave.

Besides home cleaning, my didis also do commercial cleaning and so don’t miss out to check their website for further details.

All in all, from now whatever type of cleaning requirements you don’t worry, just book “My Didi”

Disclaimer- Service recommended for review, however my opinion and thoughts are true and honest.